Virtual Summer Classroom Launched for Spanish Diploma Students







The IB Diploma students in Spanish will have the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills during the summer break. It is very important that languages are practiced over time.

For this purpose the DP Spanish teachers have created a virtual classroom for summer practice. Virtual Classrooms are a current trend in language acquisition and consist of a hyperlinked “virtual room” with links to  grammar topics, books, IB past papers, movies, news and TV shows, podcasts,….  It is a fun way, one stop, interactive resource.

Students may dedicate 1 minute or 50 hours, depending on the motivation. The more students  practice, the more they will learn, the better they will speak in Spanish, the higher grade they will achieve in their IB exam. Also, summer break is a time to rest and recharge batteries, so it is up to them. 

We really hope you have a restful and awesome summer and if you need us we are just one hangout message far away from you.

¡Nos vemos en agosto!

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