Highlights from the Grade 12 Pre-university Course Reflections

Pre-university courses aimed to provide authentic distance learning opportunities for Grade 12 students in the six weeks leading up to graduation. The courses provided continued academic engagement and helped prepare them to transition to University. Each course was led by a G12 teacher, or two collaborating G12 teachers. In many cases, courses were built on DP subjects, but were not limited by them. Each course consisted of six weekly assignments that students completed including weekly live tutorials. The level of challenge was intended to be equivalent to first year university in terms of skills and content. This was an exciting opportunity for our Grade 12 faculty to share passion for their subjects with our Grade 12s.

This week students completed self reflections about the programme. The following are a selection of feedback from students.

Courses: International Human Rights, Personal Investment

The pre-university courses have really helped narrow the scope and focus of what I want to study at university. As the courses are more refined and focused upon possible majors, courses and areas of studies offered in university, it acts as a great stepping stone for students. Furthermore, it may simulate the independence I will have to take on as I approach university. – Richard Dang

Course: International Human Rights Protection Regime

In my International Human Rights Course, I developed my critical thinking skills by looking at different views of Human Rights violations all throughout the world. I think my participation has supported my preparation for university because I have been able to work more on my critical and creative thinking skills and because of how small the classes were (this gave me the ability to understand what some smaller college courses might look like). – Bailey Shelley

Course: Personal Investment

Throughout the Personal Finance course, there were a lot of terms and expressions that I was unfamiliar with since I had never been in any economy or business class. Due to this, I had to research many things independently in order to fully understand the course and be able to apply it in real life. – Emma Héloïse Dufour-Nogueira

Courses: Positive Psychology, International Human Rights, Evolutionary Biology

Through these classes I learn more about what I like and what other learning style I can do to help myself. Online classes can be difficult and we’re doing pre-uni courses as well. I believe this helps me to be more engaged in discussing and finding out what works for me. – Thu Giang Pham

Courses: Investigative Economics, Astrophysics, Personal Investment, Future Cinema

They helped my social skills since online it can get quite awkward when people are just silent waiting for some kind of response without any physical contact or communication. I learned many ways to prevent and break the awkwardness..some courses will definitely carry on into my adult life instead with their more practical application and knowledge. – Alexander Getschmann

Courses: Art and History, Personal Investment, Virtual Art Exhibition

It has given me a taste of how university courses function and what will be expected from me. Most enjoyable was the personal investment course. It taught me the importance of starting an investment portfolio, which I intend to do in the near future. – Minh Quan Neefjes

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