Personal Project – The Journey Begins for Grade 9 Students

At this time of year the Grade 9 students begin their introduction to the Grade 10 Personal Project. In the final weeks of school a series of workshops and a special Bootcamp help launch students into this year long journey that is the culmination of their learning in the Middle Years Programme. 

Last week Grade 9 students had their first workshop which included a special panel discussion from current Grade 10s talking about the highs and lows, the lesson learned along with some very practical advice about how to get started with a personal project. A second panel of current Grade 11s provided further advice and some important messages about how their experience in the Personal Project have prepared them for various aspects of their IB courses. Some highlights from them included “make sure you choose something you are really interested in”; “you will learn to be more self organized and to manage long term projects”; and “it’s great if you can connect your goal to something you are also involved in like your service learning interests”. 

The PP Coordinator, Mr Loynes, has been planning a number of informative workshops with special guests coming up in the final weeks of school which will include a Bootcamp on June 8 to give Grade 9s time to meet with their Supervisors.  

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