The Truth About DP Theatre

The truth about DP theatre is that it is a challenging programme because it forces you to think very creatively. It is very collaborative with a lot of time spent working with a small group of people who kind of become like your family. Because of this you don’t want to mess up and you do want to make sure that you pull your weight. DP Theatre might seem easier than other art courses however that’s not true–it takes a lot of effort, time and commitment to create performances especially when you’re working with people that you care about.  – Kevin Zhou

 DP Theatre is a course that explores all aspects of Theatre and gives the students the chance to experience many different roles including director, designer and actor. Over the last two years the students have worked together on a number of collaborative performances where they have developed their theatre skills. In addition to this, the course allows students to develop empathetic understanding, creative problem solving and their communication skills. 

This year’s seniors have worked hard on curating a special Showcase Performance for the community to celebrate their hard work. This past week the Performance went live. As Baily Shelley explained, “The Grade 12 theater production is a short piece culminating what we have learned through the two year course. It was a fun piece that showed how we worked as partners and how we worked on our own.” 

The presentation is a recognition of the learning that has occurred in each performer over the last two years with scenes from Almost Maine, by John Cariani. Each scene explores the theme of love lost or love found, whether that is a broken marriage, best friends hanging out or someone who has returned ‘home’ to answer a long ago asked question.  

DP theater was a new challenge for me. I had never taken drama class before but with the structure of the program set up for all levels, I quickly learnt and felt comfortable in the class. Overall, the class allowed me to be creative and was a space where I could express myself through different and new forms.  – Flora Hamilton

The DP Theatre program encapsulates my passion and dedication towards the subject. Prior to the program, I always had an interest in Theatre. However, through the program, I was truly able to learn, excel and demonstrate the skills and knowledge I had acquired. Our final Theatre performance showcases this exact idea, with everyone coming together to create a final piece. I would like to thank everyone who has been part of this wonderful journey.  – Richard Dang

We are very proud of our G12 DP Performers – Bailey Shelley, Richard Dang, Flora Hamilton, Kevin Zhou. Minh Quan Neefjes also makes a special guest appearance in the footage.

Here is the link to the video: 


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