Grade 11 Students Complete Group 4 Project

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, all of our Grade 11 students participated in the Group 4 Project.  This is a compulsory component of the IB DP, and its aim is to give students the opportunity to collaborate in teams with members representing the different Group 4 science disciplines – Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies, and Physics.

The Grade 11 teams had to research and present to groups of Grade 6 students on a topic that Grade 6 students had previously nominated in a survey that was of interest to them.  The ideas and questions that the Grade 6 students came up with were aligned to the SDGs:

For the first time ever, we also had 2 Grade 11 teams participating from afar! 8 Grade 11 students from Australia, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, Italy, South Korea and Japan managed very different time zones to create presentations which were then shard with G6 students via Zoom.

Grade 11 students commented that they enjoyed working with the G6 students and their curiosity about the topics they were presenting.  G11s also remarked how much they enjoyed being able to choose the topic they presented as it allowed them to work with their friends to research an area of science they were interested in but had not had time to investigate in more depth.

The Grade 6 students enjoyed the interactive presentations and the chance to learn in more depth about some of the bigger questions in science, and the moral issues that went alongside many of the questions.

Thanks to the HS Science Team who organised and facilitated the smooth running of the Group 4 Project, and congratulations to all of the Grade 11 Students who put in a lot of effort to provide interesting and engaging presentations for our Grade 6 students.­­


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