From the High School Principal

Dear HS parents,

As you may know, I left Hanoi with my family to return to our home in Poland for personal reasons. As it looks increasingly unlikely that I will be able to return to Hanoi, Glenda Baker will be Acting Principal for the remainder of the school year. I am still working on Hanoi time, and remain committed to the school through the end of the year; I am just an email away!

I had a wonderful conversation with members of the High School School Community Organization (SCO) this week. It was clear that the topic of rebuilding our community is something that should be a priority moving forward.

A request from the SCO was that I try to ensure clear communication with HS parents. As a result, I will be hosting a weekly “Let’s Chat” for HS parents. I will host these conversations on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm Hanoi time and the first one will be next week, 12 May. All HS parents are welcome to join and ask whatever questions you may have. The link for the meetings is here.

Feedback to Parents from Teachers

It has been very nice to hear positive feedback from parents, and when I shared some of it with the HS faculty, it was very warmly received. In fact, teachers asked me to share some feedback with YOU, our parents:

“I would like parents to know that teachers recognize and appreciate them taking on a much larger role in the partnership formed by Parents-Student-Teacher which is critical to student success.”  

“I appreciate their encouragement of their children to continue to be engaged.” 

“I appreciate them rising to the challenge of trying to help their kid understand Trigonometry or Mitosis or War or another concept. I appreciate their patience to let teachers have the time to figure out and improve.”

“I realize that learning is not always smooth or straightforward, and we appreciate them helping their child navigate assignments, supporting them when they are frustrated, and giving them positive feedback.” 

“In many ways, they took on a bigger role of the teacher and mentor to their child or children, which speaking from my own struggles to teach my own children, as a professional educator, is very complicated and challenging.” 

Leadership Transitions

Another topic that came up during my conversation with the SCO was the transition process for the incoming Secondary School Principal, Jeff Leppard, as well as the two incoming Deputy Principals. I hope you are happy to hear that the entire leadership team at UNIS Hanoi has had multiple meetings with the incoming Secondary School leadership team about a wide variety of topics. Principals, Deputy Principals, the Head of School, the Director of Finance and Operations, the Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing, and the Director of Activities have all met with the incoming leadership team. Additionally, Marc Vermeire (Middle School Principal) and I have met with Jeff Leppard – both together and independently – and will continue to do so through the end of the year. I am extremely pleased with the way these conversations have gone, and I know that the Secondary School will be better than ever in the 2020-2021 school year!

I hope your daughter/son has had a nice return to campus this week!


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