MYP Assessment – Determining End of Year Grades during Distance Learning

All MYP courses at UNIS Hanoi are year long courses, this means that teachers consider evidence from Semester 1 and 2 when making judgments on end of year criterion grades.  At the end of the school year, each MYP subject determines students’ final criterion grades and these are then calculated into a final grade from 1-7 using the published MYP grade boundaries- see table below under Additional Information.

Covid-19 school closure has changed our approach to assessment in Semester 2.  Firstly, the IB has officially made some adjustments to their assessment requirements by reducing the number of times each criterion is required to be assessed. This means that UNIS Hanoi MYP Teachers have redesigned their unit assessments, from summatively (end of unit of study, culminating assessment task) to smaller, more frequent tasks that systemically target the no more than two criterion per task. 

Students’ will receive end of year grades which will be determined by evidence recorded from Semester 1, which supplements the collection of real and specific evidence of each criteria during distance learning in Semester 2.

The upcoming Parent, student, teacher conferences in the middle and high schools are  a great opportunity to discuss how your child is engaging with distance learning and identify any criteria that requires further evidence.

UNIS Hanoi MYP Teachers  recognise the challenges associated with distance learning and award criterion grades based on what students have done, and not on what they haven’t done. 

Additional Information regarding MYP assessment

Labelling system for task types in Veracross

Distance Learning = Asynchronous and synchronous tasks and lessons 

Evidence of Learning = Criteria assigned evidence of learning assignment/task for the gradebook. 

An overview of MYP subject criteria

Criterion A – Knowledge and Understanding / analysing 

Criterion B – Investigating / developing ideas / organising

Criterion C – Communicating / applying / performing

Criterion D – Thinking / evaluating / reflecting

MYP Grade Boundaries

Final Grade Sum of Criterion Grades
1 0 -5
2 6-9
3 10-14
4 15-18
5 19-23
6 24-27
7 28-32


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