High School Students benefit from Virtual Classroom Experience

To make sure Grade 12 students remained on track with their learning during the campus closure, teachers hosted multiple ‘synchronous small group tutorials’ this week. Achieved thanks to technology, these small group tutorials offered a virtual classroom experience and was another way for teachers to give personalised teaching while maintaining contact with their students. 

Teachers cultivated virtual authentic learning experiences for other high school students as well.

It’s been a positive thing to see the ownership of learning and responsibility of the students come to life,” said Mr. Aitor (HS Language Acquisition teacher). “Student engagement of the learning activities seems to be high.”  

Teachers like Mr. Rey stayed in constant communication with students, regularly supporting and providing scaffolded instruction through a variety of web-based educational resources such as FlipGrid, Youtube, and Google Hangouts. Further proving that the UNIS Hanoi community can rise up to the challenge of finding new ways to learn during situations that require flexibility.

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