First Step to DP Economics Internal Assessment

This week, we split up into partners and continued to have a discussion about the expectations and valuable information about the Internal Assessment. An Internal Assessment in economics enables students to demonstrate the application of their knowledge and understanding of economic theory to real-world situations. Students are required to produce a portfolio of three commentaries based on articles from published news medias. 

Before selecting an article for our first Internal Assessment, we had an opportunity to answer a series of questions on expectation of Internal Assessment and we asked each other to check whether we know and understand these expectations. After the activity, we realized what areas of Internal Assessment expectations we need to know better and the benefit of going over the expectations and requirements prior to deciding our topics. 

Some articles and concepts some of us have selected for Internal Assessment topics are supply and demand and government interventions(taxes, subsidies, maximum price, minimum price) and externalities, concepts we have covered in class. 

Written by Jinha Hwang

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