Global Political Thinkers

Last week, we began to wrap up the topic of Understanding Liberal Democracy focusing mainly on human rights. We will begin our second set of GIFA rounds in the week of Dec 1, 2019, this time on Human Rights. To begin our process, each one of us has chosen an article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that we will individually cover in our presentations.

This week we began the day off discussing about THIMUN, which took place last week, and the participants shared their experiences as well how the issues in their committees connected to the concepts that we learn in class such as sovereignty, power and legitimacy. 

The next topic of discussion was the introduction of a field trip which will take place on January 15, 2020 to the US Embassy at Rose Garden. There we will learn about global, international and domestic relations of a nation state on a global stage, how they handle their relations with the rest of the world and how they handle different issues.

To prepare for the next set of GIFA rounds. We looked over examples of fact sheets and discussed what the content for it should be as well as how we should make an outline for it. Later, we did a 5 for 5 where we checked in on each other on how well we understand our articles as well as how well we did our research. The 5 for 5 contains questions we ask each other on these topics and while one student is speaking, the other scribes constructive feedback to help improve and understand where they are at. 

Our global political thinkers doing research on their human rights article and case study

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