From WoK’s to AoK’s: Put Your ToK Hats On!

How do we know what we know? This is a fundamental question discussed in the IB course Theory of Knowledge (ToK). Recently, we transitioned from the eight Ways of Knowing to the eight Areas of Knowledge. This includes: Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, The Arts, Mathematics, History, Ethics, Religious Knowledge and Indigenous Knowledge.

Felix Shum, an 11th grade student explains, “I chose to focus on Human Sciences because it is theory-based, and the applications and examples used are cool! The human sciences were built around the analysis, understanding, and interpretations of the social, cultural and economic aspects of human society, which in my opinion is very interesting, ergo I was magnetized to choose it, to pick this topic not as a student or speaker, but fundamentally as a human being.

In order to explore these Areas of Knowledge, we used the knowledge framework. Essentially, it defines the key characteristics of the Areas of Knowledge, allowing students to compare, contrast and delve deeper into the relationship between each Area of Knowledge and Way of Knowing.

Minh Kieu, an 11th grade student clarifies, “I chose the Arts because there are many different ways to interpret and express it; there is no right or wrong, therefore there are no limits”.

Feel free to stop by rooms B5 G20, G21 & G29 for more discussions about knowledge!

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