Understanding Legitimacy in Global Politics

This week in the Global Politics and Societies class, the students had an engaging discussion on the topic of legitimacy. In the discussion, different types of legitimacy was introduced such as traditional, charismatic, rational-legal, consent, and power legitimacy. Many interesting questions were brought up during the discussion, from a simple definition on the textbook to a broader question, all encouraging students to break ideas down and think critically. Because of this fruitful discussion, every student walked out of class with a thorough understanding of this topic.

Another highlight was the 10th grade carousel which took place in the beginning of this week, where several student volunteers promoted the Global Politics and Societies class to future IB students who might be considering to join this class next year.

We also had multiple unique topics brought up in the Global Politics Institute of Foreign Affairs (GIFA) presentations this week. Child marriage in India, lone wolf terrorism and Japan’s population decline was this week’s topics. Students were able to develop their Personal Political Paradigm (PPP) by thinking about diverse topics introduced by students from different cultural backgrounds.

In Thursday’s class we had our last GIFA rapporteur present in class.

At the end of this week a student-led class picnic took place, where students were able to deepen class spirit as we head into the core, and more difficult topics in the upcoming months.

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