Food Deliveries

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Restaurant Deliveries

Beginning at the start of the next school year, students will no longer be allowed to order food deliveries to campus. Mr. Schaffner made it a priority to work with the student Senate to address concerns related to food deliveries throughout the school year. Unfortunately we have not been able to resolve the concerns around students having food delivered to campus.

The main concerns are as follows:

  1. As a UN school, and in consideration of our commitment to the SDGs, the amount of waste and plastic that gets delivered to campus on a daily basis goes against who we are and the ideals we stand for
  2. Numerous times this year, students have interrupted classroom learning while ordering food during class, as well as leaving class to pick up deliveries
  3. The burden that food deliveries place on our security guards is unreasonable and presents a serious safety concern. Our guards have been forced to deal with an enormous amount of distraction while trying to do their job, which is to ensure that visitors entering or leaving campus are documented in order to ensure student and campus safety and security.

Lunch drop-off by nannies, drivers and/or parents

New guidelines for dropping lunches off for your child will be communicated on our return in August. We will ensure the process is aligned with our child safeguarding guidelines and food hygiene.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to strive to improve the UNIS High School!

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