G12s Complete CAS!

The G12s completed their third and final CAS interviews last week which was their final step in the 18 month journey that is the CAS programme! For the past two years this group has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy in creativity, activity and service experiences.

The CAS programme challenges students to engage in activities that extend off of their personal interests and bolsters their global perspective from a range of experiences outside of the classroom.

Although student initiative and agency is a big part of the programme, they did not accomplish this alone. A big thanks goes to their experience supervisors, G12 mentors/CAS advisors, and the G12 CAS coordinator Mr. Campbell.

To the G12 students, congratulations on your accomplishment! You have served as great representatives of our community through your effort. Furthermore, you have firmly positioned yourselves as role models for the G11s and other future DP students. Good luck with your exams!

Watch this space for future CAS information and student spotlights.

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