The High School Veracross Gradebook is now Open!!!

Dear High School Parents,

The High School at UNIS Hanoi values effective feedback and its impact on student growth toward learning goals. This school year, teachers have been documenting feedback for assignments and assessments on Veracross to give you the opportunity to observe your child’s progress. When you look at the Veracross Gradebook, please keep in mind that scores (or “grades”) are one indicator of learning, but teacher feedback and student self-assessment can be much richer sources of information. We encourage you to sit with you daughter and/or son to review the evidence of learning recorded in the Veracross Gradebook to date.

All High School students and parents now have access to the Veracross Gradebook. We will continue to keep this Gradebook open throughout the year so parents and students can monitor learning progress. Last year teacher-leaders, students, and parents collaboratively created a “why” statement about the Veracross Gradebook:

“The Veracross Gradebook fosters student learning by making the learning process more transparent and meaningful. Teacher use of the Veracross Gradebook aims to promote communication amongst all stakeholders by recording evidence of student learning. Growth-oriented feedback promotes student reflection of the learning process and the refocusing of learning goals.”

Please read the instructions on how to access your daughter and/or son’s evidence of learning to date here. You can also click on the link provided on the Parent Portal:

Should you have questions, please direct them as follows:

  • Questions about the academic content in a class should be directed to teachers. Please note that Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November 22 and 23.
  • Questions about accessing Veracross or technical issues should be directed to our Head of Technology, Ed Gilbreath:
  • Any other questions about Veracross Gradebook should be sent to the HS office:

We appreciate your interest in your daughter and/or son’s educational growth. Have a great weekend!

Scott Schaffner
High School Principal

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