Safely entering and exiting our Elementary School

Dear ES Families,

Your children are supervised by our faculty at all times between 7.55am – 3.20pm (2.20pm on Wednesdays) in the Elementary School.

Please note that there is NO ADULT SUPERVISION offered before 7.55am and after 3.20pm, unless your child is participating in a UNIS Hanoi sponsored activity.

Elementary students are not permitted to be on the UNIS Hanoi campus unless they are being actively supervised by an adult.  Our campus is open until 6.00pm each day, including Saturdays (from September 1st). If your child wishes to enjoy our playground and sports facilities after hours, they must always be accompanied by an adult.

It is important for us to know HOW your child is leaving our campus each day – either after school, or after ASAs.  Please take a moment to complete this survey for each child that you have in the Elementary School.


Thank you for working in partnership with us, to keep your children safe.


Megan Brazil
Elementary Principal