Grade 5 Students Create PYP Exhibition History

This week, our Grade 5 students got together online to spread important messages of sustainability with our community. These presentations were the culmination of months of collaborating and inquiring into global issues. Our students did an exceptional job of sharing their research and action while encouraging participants to take action themselves. Our students have represented our school community well by living the school values of learning, community and responsibility. The Exhibition provided them with a rich opportunity for deep learning which was not hindered by the challenges of campus closure or a community lockdown  Students worked in their collaborative groups using a range of communication technologies, and met with their research mentors on a weekly basis to keep the process moving smoothly. The resilience that this group of students has shown throughout the process was truly remarkable. Sessions throughout the day were very well attended by students, teachers, parents and special visitors.  Students demonstrated masterful use of their technology skills – sharing screens and moderating discussions remotely, communicating with passion and deep knowledge of their chosen areas of research.
A few special highlights from the day:
  • 52 zoom calls across 6 hours on the 17 Global Goals
  • Students co-presenting from different parts of the world.
  • A global audience from almost every continent.
  • Hundreds of participants from across the school community including students, teachers, parents, grandparents and alumni students and teachers.
  • Interactive presentations featuring polls, kahoots, slides, videos and group chats
  • Challenges and calls from our G5 students to take action for sustainability
If you were able to view some of the presentations, please give us your feedback by filling in this survey. If you were inspired to take action, please share your ideas and favourite SDG on this padlet.
Congratulations to the amazing Grade 5 students, their dedicated and caring teachers and mentors who supported these projects. Thank you to those members of our community who joined the conversations. Together we are making our world a better place.

Grade 5 PYP Exhibition – April 23rd

Our Grade 5 students are excited to invite you to join us on Thursday, April 23rd for a day of action filled presentations connected to the SDGs. Students have inquired into issues that concern them and have discovered ways to take action to make our world a better place. Topics for this years PYPx include:

  • Viruses
  • Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Discrimination
  • Equality for all
  • Animal cruelty
  • Education
  • Clean energy
Our hope is that you will join the conversation, be inspired to discover issues that you are passionate about and take action to make it better.
Please search our PYPx website for more information on the presentations and schedule: