A Message for G4 and 5 Girls

Dear Grade 4 and 5 Parents,

I would like to make contact with you regarding the Youth Sport Soccer season which commences on Tuesday October 16. I would like to remind you and your child the soccer season is structured differently than all other seasons as in the boys and girls do not participate together. This change was made at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year and was effective with the rise in girl participants. Therefore, if your daughter is interested in playing soccer with other girls, this is a wonderful opportunity for them.

Although the registration period for Youth Sport has finished through CHQ, if your daughter would like to participate, please inform us via email before 16:00 on Thursday October 4 at cocurricular@unishanoi.org.

If you have any questions about the soccer season please do not hesitate contacting me: ccamanager@unishanoi.org.

Warm wishes,

Adrian Hubbard
Co-Curricular Activities Manager

A Welcome Message about Mathematics in the Elementary School from Beth Murray, ES Mathematics Coach

Students are settling into their classes and are off to a fantastic start as they develop their classroom and grade level communities. The routines and expectations being put into place now will set up students for success throughout the entire year. Positive attitudes and beliefs about learning mathematics are the key to a creating a healthy learning environment that will help all learners develop a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts being taught at each year level.

Here is some information and resources you can use to help us support students in their mathematical development:

6 Ways to Support your Child’s Mathematical Development