From the Elementary Principal

Dear Elementary Parents,

Transitions – onwards, forwards, upwards…

The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.” – Moira Rogers

Teaching students how to navigate the emotional challenges that come with change and transition is something that caring adults are constantly doing.  Here at school, there are a few key events that support the end of year transitions that our students are experiencing.  

One big event on our calendar that our students look forward to every year is “Moving Up Morning”. Moving Up Morning is a time where students spend time in their new grade level, with their new teacher, developing a sense of excitement about the year ahead.  This is an important event as we help students say goodbye to their current grade level and teacher, and look forward to the next.

This year, Moving Up Morning is scheduled for Friday, June 5th and will look a little different to previous years.

Given that our enrolment numbers are unconfirmed for next year, we will not be releasing information about class lists at this time.  Students will not know who their next homeroom teacher is, until the information is shared with families via email, before the new year starts in August.  

Moving Up Morning will still take place, with students spending time in new classrooms and getting to know the teachers in the next grade level.  They will develop an understanding of things that are different in their new grade level and learning experiences they can look forward to.  

Students who are leaving UNIS Hanoi at the end of this year will be included in the Moving Up Morning event, as well as participating in small group sessions hosted by Lee Cassidy, our school psychologist.  In these small group sessions, students will receive a special UNIS Hanoi “Moving Journal” and will work through some aspects of the transition process with other students who are also departing.  The journal will serve as a way for our departing students to reflect on important memories made at UNIS and help them to look forward to their new destination.  

For further materials to support your children in transition, this is a helpful article:  Transitioning Well: Build a Raft that can stimulate some great family conversations, whether your child is leaving UNIS Hanoi or simply saying goodbye to their current class for the summer and returning in August, ‘building a RAFT’ to say goodbye is a useful tool for children and adults. 

Our aim for all students as we head into the end of the year, is to make every goodbye as ‘good’ they can possibly be.  

Megan Brazil

Parent Input Needed – End of Year Report Cards

Dear Parents, 

We at UNIS Hanoi believe that the education of each of our students is best when there is a strong and positive partnership between the home and school. This partnership has never been more important than during this semester of unprecedented uncertainty. Parents have had a role in the education of their children and a view into the educational programme of the school to a degree that’s never been experienced before. 

Because of this increased opportunity for parents to be involved, your insights as a parent are invaluable in relation to your child as a learner throughout the period of Distance Learning.

Take a moment to answer two questions for us in this form by this Sunday (May 24). Your input will be included on your child’s end of year report card.

We Need You Input on Your Child for Report Card- Complete Two Questions

Thank you,

Stephen Lush

ES Deputy Principal

Be a Buddy not a Bully – Students Take Action!

The culminating experience for our Elementary students is the PYP Exhibition in Grade 5. The PYP Exhibition provides an experience for students to carry out an extended and in-depth, collaborative project the involves students with real-life issues and problems. Students are not only encouraged to inquire into an issue they are deeply interested in, but they are also encouraged to take some sort of tangible action to address the issue.

This week at our Elementary virtual assembly, two students did just that. Ole Vanhees and Dean Judge wanted to impact the entire Elementary School by sharing their learning from their PYP Exhibition project on bullying. In Ole and Dean’s presentation to all Elementary students, they defined bullying and gave three main things each of us could do if we ever encounter it.

The three main things we all need to do is to:

    1. Speak up when you see it, even if it is a friend who is being mean to someone else
    2. Help others who are being hurt or bullied
    3. Be a Friend!

Ole and Dean finished their presentation by challenging each Elementary student to join them in making a pledge to take steps in making our school bully-free. Way to go Ole and Dean!

Fun Art and Music Activities Planned for Art Week

From Monday 25th May to Friday 29th The Elementary School will be celebrating the Arts with a week of art and music challenges. This week is designed to allow further opportunities for creative expression and a celebration of the Visual Arts Exhibition and Music Virtual Talent shows. The week will include fun morning art or music activities where children can freely express their ideas, creativity and imagination. Our week is entitled #expressyourself.

Even though we will be looking at the Grade level art and music Padlets in school during this week we will share these at the end of the Arts Week so if you haven’t yet uploaded your favourite artwork and your best music performance find the link in the DL website and upload it now! Don’t miss your chance to express yourself through these virtual galleries.

We are excited to see what our young artists and musicians will create wether back on campus or continuing with Distance Learning.

Grade 3 Students Explore Space

     The students of Grade 3 had a fun time this morning, presenting and exploring each other’s space-related projects. 

The showcase was a culmination of weeks of learning and the end of their ‘Where we are in place and time’ unit of inquiry.

Students learned how day and night is formed and about the planets that exist in the solar system before they launched off to investigate more about the universe. 

Presentations were given about Black Holes, the structure of planets and how the solar system is organised, to name but a few. 

Children who are still participating in the School’s Distance Learning programme did not miss out! Thanks to zoom, they too presented their work in front of their classmates.

In respect of Government guidelines concerning large gatherings in school settings, the four Grade 3 classes rotated through each other’s rooms, taking a keen interest in each others’ work. 


Grade 5 Transitions

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Grade 5 students,

This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for many of your children as they embrace a multitude of physical, emotional and academic changes. To support you and your children through these transitions, we would like to invite you to a virtual coffee morning on zoom at 9:30 am, on Friday May 15. The Grade 5 team including counsellors and our school nurse, will be sharing information regarding the final unit of inquiry for this year – Transitions.
The Transitions unit has been designed to support students in their final stage of Elementary school and the content will focus on physical, social and emotional transitions. Included in this unit of inquiry are topics such as child protection, cyberbullying, choices and changes, puberty and adolescence. The unit also focuses on successfully transitioning to middle school, which will require adaptation and understanding of how a different part of our school operates.
We will share resources you can use should your child begin to ask questions about any of the changes mentioned above.
We look forward to sharing with you on Zoom on Friday morning. If you are a grade 5 parent and would like to join this session, please RSVP by completing this survey.
The Grade 5 team
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From the Elementary Principal

Dear Elementary Families,

School reopening plans are well underway as we await approval to bring our students back to campus.  

As we relaunch face to face schooling, we will also continue to provide Distance Learning as our alternative educational programme to those families who remain outside of Hanoi and unable to return. Slides will continue to be posted to our Distance Learning site daily, and regular Zoom sessions continue.  

Please be reassured that we have assigned teachers to all homerooms to cover for any teachers who are unable to return to Vietnam at this time.  When we have a confirmed date for reopening, we will communicate personally with all families whose students will have a change in teacher, to make the appropriate introductions.  

Our events calendar for May promises lots of exciting virtual events for students and families,  including: 

Walkathon and Giving Tuesday – May 5th

Book Week – May 11th – 14th

Healthy Living Week (including Virtual Sports Day) – May 18th – 22nd

Arts Week – May 25th – 29th 

Wishing you all a relaxing long weekend,

Megan Brazil


PYPX Continues…

PYPx lives on! After a day of excellent presentations and weeks of personal action, Grade 5 students continue to strive to take action on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals. As a community, we have an opportunity to continue to value and support their contributions.

Read below to see how you can learn more about local and global issues and support Grade 5 students and promote your favourite SDG in our community.

Clothes Donation 

Did you know more than 30% of the children in Vietnam do not have the things that they need to survive? If you donate just one set of clothes or some school supplies you could help make children really happy. The supplies and clothes we collect we will donate to a small village in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Guidelines to donate:

  • clothes/supplies need to be in fine condition so other people could still wear/use
  • May 5th is the day of donation (4pm-11am)
  • Location is E4 lobby

The person who donates the most clothes will win a surprise!

Make Your Own Bee Hotel

Did you know that bees are endangered? Do you want to know how you can help them? This is one way to help bees survive by making a bee hotel.

Click on this link to learn more and make your own hotel.

Learn More About Dyslexia

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in school? Imagine feeling unsafe in school every day. This is what many dyslexic students experience because of the learning disorder. If you want to know more about Dyslexia and get inspired, you are welcome to join my Zoom meeting all about Dyslexia.

If you are interested, please send me, Clara Lieschke, a short email (, and I will send you a link, time and date for the meeting. I guarantee you that it will be fun! 



Grade 5 Students Create PYP Exhibition History

This week, our Grade 5 students got together online to spread important messages of sustainability with our community. These presentations were the culmination of months of collaborating and inquiring into global issues. Our students did an exceptional job of sharing their research and action while encouraging participants to take action themselves. Our students have represented our school community well by living the school values of learning, community and responsibility. The Exhibition provided them with a rich opportunity for deep learning which was not hindered by the challenges of campus closure or a community lockdown  Students worked in their collaborative groups using a range of communication technologies, and met with their research mentors on a weekly basis to keep the process moving smoothly. The resilience that this group of students has shown throughout the process was truly remarkable. Sessions throughout the day were very well attended by students, teachers, parents and special visitors.  Students demonstrated masterful use of their technology skills – sharing screens and moderating discussions remotely, communicating with passion and deep knowledge of their chosen areas of research.
A few special highlights from the day:
  • 52 zoom calls across 6 hours on the 17 Global Goals
  • Students co-presenting from different parts of the world.
  • A global audience from almost every continent.
  • Hundreds of participants from across the school community including students, teachers, parents, grandparents and alumni students and teachers.
  • Interactive presentations featuring polls, kahoots, slides, videos and group chats
  • Challenges and calls from our G5 students to take action for sustainability
If you were able to view some of the presentations, please give us your feedback by filling in this survey. If you were inspired to take action, please share your ideas and favourite SDG on this padlet.
Congratulations to the amazing Grade 5 students, their dedicated and caring teachers and mentors who supported these projects. Thank you to those members of our community who joined the conversations. Together we are making our world a better place.

Library Book Check-out System Continues to be popular

Students are still getting the chance to get their hands on their favourite reads thanks to a creative delivery service implemented by the School’s library department. 

Since the beginning of distance learning, our librarians have been giving students the chance to select books virtually and collect them from the School gate or have them delivered straight to their front door!

“It’s been crazy busy here” revealed Monica Mayer, the ES librarian. “We pack up at least 50 books a day for students in Elementary School and Middle School. We’re delighted our families love the service.”

Together with her colleague, Kate Hodgson, the librarians continue to work closely with home base teachers and English teachers to recommend great reads for children of all ages and abilities. What’s more, the duo keep the online library full with the latest releases, including free art books from the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 

One happy parent said of the service, “Our boys were so happy and excited to receive books at the gate. It really helps to add this into their routine and get them excited to read new books.”

Library Borrowing During School Closure

Instructions for Students: 

  • Return your books to the library book return box located just inside Gate 1. 
  • Return your books Monday to Friday between 8am – 4pm.
  • Books must be returned in a named bag. 
  • Browse DESTINY, our online library catalogue, to look for great books to read.
  • Fill in the Book Borrowing form for your Division. You can download the form for ECC, Elementary and MS/HS  and print it out. There will be additional forms available at the table near the return box. You can also check our catalogue online to see specific titles and if they are currently ‘in’. Link to our online catalogue is
  • Place the form inside your bag with the books you are returning.
  • Place your book bag inside the return box at Gate 1.

Librarians will collect those books and process all new book requests. New books will then be ready for students/parents to collect from Gate 1 between 9:00am – 11:00am on the following day. A delivery service is also available on request. 

All books can then be returned during normal library times when we all return to school. Students should not be concerned if they have books in lockers at school. They can return them when school returns to normal. 

For further information please email either or