Annie Jr. – Grades 4-5 Musical Production Mash Up

Due to the effects of Covid-19, this year, the ES Grades 4-5 musical production of Annie Jr. was cancelled. However, the students were still able to share their talent through a mash-up film of songs and scenes from the show. Cast members were asked to submit videos of their favorite moments from the show, and Martin Hamilton, our Aquatics Academy Manager, masterfully synced all the clips together to capture the story.

It was extremely sad not being able to have a production this year as normal, but students were still able to rehearse via Zoom, with several small off-campus rehearsals (before social distancing was taken into effect). Videos were also shared with cast members so that they could still practice their choreography at home. Once the production was officially cancelled in April, we asked students to submit videos of themselves singing, dancing and performing scenes in order to create something to capture the essence of the story and acknowledge all their hard work.

We are so proud of all the students and so grateful to our amazing production team of Daniel Brewster, Molly Moore, Audrey Pagoli, Nguyen Thy Thuy Lien, and, of course, to Martin Hamilton for creating the mash up. Congrats to everyone for all their dedication, positive energy and hard work.

Enjoy the musical production mash up:

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