From the Elementary Principal

Dear Elementary Parents,

Weekly communications from the Elementary School will now come to you each Friday in the Tin Tuc, replacing our previous Monday email messages.  

Celebrations – putting JOY back on our calendar! 

Throughout Quarter 4, we’ll be celebrating learning and coming together as a community through a variety of virtual events.  Please be sure to check our regular school calendar for full information. Some of the events we are excited to share with students and parents include – 

  • Arts Week
  • Virtual Sports Day
  • April is Math Awareness Month! 
  • PYP Exhibition
  • Parents & Homeroom Teacher Learning Conversations

…and lots more! Even if we can’t be together on campus, we can still celebrate our values of learning, community and responsibility together.  

Accessing Recorded Lessons

For families currently participating in Distance Learning who are in other timezones (eg. Europe, USA etc) – please let your homeroom teacher know if you would like to access a recording of any Zoom lessons. Teachers will be able to record their lessons (only the teacher will be visible) so that you can access them at a suitable time.  This service will only be done upon request for families outside of our Hanoi timezone.  

Distance Learning & Student ‘Attendance’

The UNIS Hanoi Distance Learning programme is a valid continuation of our school programme during school closure. Your child’s participation in this school programme continues to count as regular school attendance.  In order for teachers to support students during Distance Learning, regular engagement with the educational programme is essential and expected. 

In Distance Learning, we define school attendance as a combination of physical attendance at scheduled live meetings, engagement with the curriculum by completing and posting assigned tasks.  

In our Elementary School, we will refer to this as Distance Learning Engagement.

In order to be able to verify that students are working at an appropriate pace through the required curriculum, Homeroom Teachers will be tracking students’ Distance Learning Engagement each week.  

Our strong recommendation is that students actively participate in daily live lessons where they can receive direct instruction and information from their teacher and connect with their classmates.  We do understand that this is not always possible.

Records of Distance Learning Engagement will be taken by Homeroom teachers and will be applied to core classroom work only. When the Seesaw logo is present on Distance Learning slides, students will know that they need to complete this piece of work and post it to Seesaw. 

Participation and engagement with all specialist subjects are highly encouraged in order to provide students with a broad and balanced Distance Learning experience.  

If a child is sick or unable to participate in Distance Learning, please send an email to your child’s teacher to record the absence.

Performance based subjects – PE, Art and Music will not be graded on our end of year report cards for this school year, 2019/2020. 


On Monday 13th April, families will receive an overview of our revised written curriculum for Quarter 4. Each grade level team has modified the yearly overviews to ensure we are providing a balanced, relevant and engaging programme during this time of distance learning. We have prioritised key learning objectives for each grade level for the remainder of this year. This will provide families with the insight into the significant themes being covered across all subject areas. These documents will be shared with you via email and will also be stored on the ES Distance Learning website for your reference.

Megan Brazil


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