K2 Online Market

Throughout the last 8 weeks in their Unit of Inquiry, K2 has been learning about how we organize ourselves and provide goods and services to our communities. The unit ended with a K2 Market Day…. which this year was created virtually on the UNIS Hanoi K2 Market Website.

Across the course of the unit students surveyed their community to evaluate their wants and needs and worked with specialist teachers, homeroom teachers and their parents to create goods to meet the needs of their community.

The K2 students let their creativity shine through creating ribbon wands, shakers, cards, bookmarks and more which were showcased and sold on the UNIS Hanoi K2 Market Website. All proceeds from our goods will be donated to Blossom House here in Vietnam.

A big thank you to Ms Nikki and Mr Neal who got the website together and the K2 teachers and specialist teachers and of course parents who supported the K2 children throughout the designing and making process.

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