Elementary School Moving Up Morning

June 7th, 2019

Dear Elementary Families,

Today we celebrated Moving Up Morning in the Elementary School!  Your children found out their new class groupings for next year and spent time bonding with their new classmates with their new teacher in their new classroom. For students who will be having a new, incoming teacher next year, introductions were made by new faculty members via slideshow presentations, videos and Skype calls and special visits that were organised especially for today’s Moving Up Morning.  Everyone got to meet their new teacher!

Class groupings for next year have now been set – our teachers, administrators and counselors have spent a great deal of time over the last month carefully considering groupings for next year.  Here at UNIS Hanoi, we mix the children’s groupings every year as they pass from one grade level to the next. In such a transient population, this enables us to continuously ensure each class is a well-balanced group with a mix of gender, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, learning styles and differences.  The mixing of class groups also helps establish a grade level identity and community as well as individual homeroom communities. Children are able to develop and maintain a broader range of friendships across the whole age group. It also helps new children integrate more quickly as the class they enter is newly formed rather than being a group that has been together for several years.

Today you will have received an email from our Elementary Secretaries, containing the class list for your child and a letter from the teacher who worked with your child’s class during the transition session – in most cases their new teacher for next year, or in the case of incoming teachers, an experienced UNIS teacher who led the class through the same activities as the other classes and told them all about what it will be like to be in the next grade level to build excitement and anticipation for a great year to come. Your children will be able to share some information about them, with you.

As parents, we ask that you join with us in helping your child deal successfully with the upcoming changes of classes, teachers and grade levels.  Here are a few suggestions of things that you can do to support your child with the transition:

  • Recall the excitement of today’s Moving Up Morning – what was the best part of the Moving Up Experience? What is your child most looking forward to in the next year?  
  • Get your children excited about the changes that the next year will bring – changes in play areas, new classroom, new routines, will they finally get their own school laptop to use, what exciting field trips are on offer in their new grade?  Share your own stories about things that you loved about new school beginnings.
  • Facilitate your child’s positive relationship with their new teacher.  Connections are important! Speak about your child’s new teacher and class with excitement and enthusiasm.  Encourage your child to write a letter or make a card for their new teacher for the first day of school, or to share a favourite book that the teacher might be able to read to the class.  
  • Keep your new child’s class list somewhere visible in your home so that they become familiar with the names of their new classmates.  
  • If your child is anxious about all of the changes, calm them by emphasising all of the elements of school life that will stay the same – cafeteria, library, play areas, seeing friends at recess, staying connected to old friends with play dates etc.  Not everything about the new year is new!

Thank you for helping to make the end of this year, and the beginning of the next, a smooth and happy transition for your child.   


Megan Brazil
Elementary Principal

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