Elementary School Parent-Teacher Conferences – Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Dear Elementary Families,

You are warmly invited to attend our second Parent Teacher Conferences of the year, being held on Wednesday, 30 January, 2019.

Please note that there will be no school on this day for your children as teachers will be conducting individual parent conferences all day. Families starting school in January 2019 do not need to sign up for the conferences.

Parent Teacher Conferences are a time for teachers to share information on your child’s progress during the first semester and what goals your child and his/her teacher(s) have set for their learning.

As we know, the importance of a strong home-school relationship is a strong factor in students’ academic success. Our intention is to establish a strong partnership with all families and for us to better understand the unique gifts, talents, and needs of each of our students. Please make it your priority to attend as we firmly believe these conversations will benefit each and every child.

Parents may schedule appointments of 15 minutes for homeroom teachers, EAL and Learning Support teachers; and 5 minutes for other specialist teachers – PE, Visual Arts, Music, World Languages and Library (this is due to the high numbers of students that they teach).

In the case of Counseling, no appointments are necessary.  Our Counseling offices are open all day for drop in appointments.

Should you not be available for an appointment on conference day, parents are most welcome  to make an alternative arrangement before or after school on another day.

The following teachers will not be available for conferences due to absence:

  • Nikki Carey (P.E)
  • Nicole Moodie (Grade 4 – EAL)

Appointment scheduling will be done through Veracross, our student information management system. The bookings will open on Tuesday 22 January at 8.00am and close on Monday 28 January at 9.00am.  Please be sure to print or save a copy of your interview schedule for your convenience. Link to sign up: https://portals.veracross.com/unishanoi

We look forward to seeing you at our Parent Teacher Conferences as we work together to make this year as successful as possible for your child.

Megan Brazil
Elementary Principal

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