Talented Artists!

Music and Art Morning

On Thursday Diep and I were so proud of our talented singers, musicians and visual artists. The children were so happy to share with you all the work they have been doing in Music and Art.  Here are some pictures from the morning. 

Exploration of Art and Nature

This week we have been inspired by the natural environment. The children have enjoyed creating art from natural objects we have found lying around our playground and the local environment.

Mystery reader 

This morning we were very lucky to have a Nikhil’s sister, Sufi, as our mystery readier. We really enjoyed listening to a lovely rhyming book called Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field.

         Goodbye Ruben

Next Wednesday will be a sad day for K2D, as we must say goodbye to Ruben.  Ruben and his family are returning to their home in Ireland.  Please join Diep and I in wishing Ruben, Liv Nina and Daniel, safe travels and happy times in Ireland.


  • K2D swim only on Fridays. Monday and Wednesday are regular PE days.
  • Friday 31 May is Graduation Day for our 12th Grade students.  All teachers must attend the graduation. Due to this, school finishes for all UNIS students at 11.30.
  • Friday 7 June is K2’s Shared Lunch: 11am – 12 noon. Parents are invited to join K2 in the ECC Gym for a shared party lunch. Details and the food sign up sheet have been emailed by our class parent rep Esther.

Have a lovely weekend.


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