10 May 2019

We have completed another busy week enjoying exploring How We Express Ourselves and working hard in all subject areas.

Home Reading

Now that April is over (with all it’s holiday Mondays), we still have over four weeks of school left to work hard on reading. Please ensure your child exchanges their home reading books each Monday.  All the children in K2D have made such wonderful progress with their reading and we want to keep the momentum up until the very last day of K2.

K2 and Grade 1 Music Performance and Art Show

Please click here for details.

Mystery Reader

Yesterday we were very lucky to have Thomas’s mum, Geralda, read us a book called Do Not Open This Book. The children loved it so much she had to read it twice.  Geralda also went above and beyond concealing her identity as our mystery reader.


  • This Monday 13th May is Snack Sale day.  Please send your child to school with 20,000 VND to buy 2 snacks.
  • The Grade 4 and 5 Seussical Musical is on next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, tickets are on sale in the performing arts centre.
  • K2D swim only on Fridays, Monday and Wednesday are regular PE days.
  • Thursday 23 May is the K2 and Grade 1 music concert.
  • Friday 31 May is Graduation Day for our 12th Grade students.  All teachers must attend the graduation. Due to this, school finishes for all UNIS students at 11.30.
  • Friday 7 June is K2’s Shared Lunch. 11am – 12 noon: Parents invited to join K2 in the ECC Gym for shared ‘party lunch: (More details soon).

Have a lovely weekend.


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