K2D Ask Great Questions!

School Canteen Field Trip

K2D have spent a lot of time this week formulating and asking questions.  On Tuesday we visited the school canteen to find out about how our school lunches are produced.  We asked lots of questions and learned about all the people and effort that goes into making our lunch.  We also took action at the end of our visit by starting a survey of the foods we like and don’t like.  We will give this information to the canteen so that less food can be wasted.


In math this week we have been exploring open-ended math problems.

Learning about Antarctica

On Monday Ms Laura from Discovery came and talked with us about her trip to Antarctica over Winter break.  We learned so much and asked lots of questions. Some of them we are still trying to find answers to. Here is a sample of our questions:

Where do people live in Antarctica? Katie

How do penguins get into the water? Sophia

Why do penguins have red eyes? Claire

Why do baby penguins look different to grown up penguins? Sophia

Are seals shy? Chun An

What happens if boats hit icebergs? Jenna

Thank you to this week’s Mystery Readers. We enjoyed listening to Nikhil’s dad read Tidy by Emily Gravett and Ruben’s sister Liv read Bonting by Shirley Hughes. If you haven’t signed up yet please click here.


  • Monday 11 March is a professional learning day for teachers. This means there is no school for children.
  • Thursday 14, Friday 15 March, are UNIS open classroom days. More details will come closer to the dates.
  • Thursday 28 March is K2D’s Assembly performance. As mentioned in last week’s week blog, it will focus on Teaspoons of Change. If you have examples of ways your family is caring for the environment at home, I would love you to share them with me in the this Google photo album.  I would especially love short videos.

Thank you, have a lovely weekend.


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