29th March

The highlight of this week ( perhaps, even the year so far) was definitely our Market Day. As you watch the video below of your consumers and producers in action, look at the amazing social skills, self-management skills and thinking skills every K2 child is displaying!

This kind of transdisciplinary learning, where the children are given lots of ‘choice, voice and ownership’ to organize themselves, is an example of how children learn best.


After the Break, K2 will start a new Unit of Inquiry  – How We Express Ourselves.

The Central idea is: Artists express ideas and emotions for different purposes. We will be exploring the concepts of ‘perspective’ and creativity as we inquire into:

  • Inspiration of artists
  • Different art mediums for expression
  • Experiencing and appreciating a variety of art forms

WANTED in June : Risk-taking families for K2C’s Got Talent

I aim to have a fun sharing ‘Family talent show’ in our K2C classroom, and hope to have child and parent acts. I previous years this has been a great success..and lots of fun. More details later, but you might like to start thinking of what “talent” you would like to perform WITH your child on the K2C stage!!! ( Ideas: Singing duet, family ‘rock band’, musical instruments, magic show, puppet play, poem from your home country, a traditional dance, tell a joke…anything creative!)

Thank you to Kassie’s Mum Lilly, for being this week’s Mystery Reader. If you haven’t yet had a turn and would like to, please sign up here

BIG thanks to Flora ( Lily’s Mum) and Shasha (Olivia’s Mum) for teaching K2C how to make noodles! As well as being inspired to become bakers and chefs, K2C have also learned a lot about ‘procedures’ and verbs !

We are mathematicians. We are also having some fun building and playing games with a double decker bus!  ( Ask your child to tell you more.)

K2C are also learning about number sentences and starting to recognize the difference between  =, + and – symbols. This week Ms Beth helped K2C think more deeply about the concept of ‘equal’ and the = symbol. What does ‘equal’ mean? How do you know?

What a fun Sports Morning!

Many thanks for your continued support. Enjoy your spring break !

Looking ahead

  • March 30 – April 7, 2019 : Spring Break – Offices Open Weekdays/ No Classes
  • K2 Swimming continues- Mondays/Wednesdays ( Regular PE on Fridays)
  • Saturday, April 138:45 – 10:45am: ES Maker Day
  • Monday, April 15: Celebration of Hung King Day – School Closed
  • Friday, April 1910:00am – 6:00pm: ES Student – Led Conferences (No Classes or Activities for ES)
  • Friday, April 268:30 – 9:30am: ES Parents & Administrators Coffee Morning
  • April 29 – May 1, 2019: Celebration of Vietnamese Victory Day & International Labour Day – School Closed
  • May 3 – 4, 2019: Used Book Sale
  • Monday, May 138:10 – 10:05am: ES Snack Sale
  • Thursday, May 239:00 – 10:00am :K2 & Grade 1 Music Concert & Art Exhibition
  • Wednesday, June 12: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Early Dismissal 12:00pm
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