31st Aug

Who We Are Unit of Inquiry 

Thank you to all who have sent a family photo and signed up for K2C Family Show and Tell.

I am also hoping you can upload ONE photo of your child as a baby to this padlet. Next week, we would like to play a ‘Guess Who’ game.

Who are our Grade 4 Buddies? Yesterday, K2C and K2D met with Grade 4C and 4D. We played a fun game called “Just Like Me’ and then enjoyed showing Gr 4 our classrooms and teaching them how to make sensible play choices. Ask your child to tell you more!

What are we learning about in K2C?

What do good readers do?  ( Readers Make meaning, Read the pictures, Read the words, and Retell the story) 

We are learning to talk about numbers with Ms Beth

We learning how to document our own learning using iPads with Ms Michelle


This week K2C also had a PSEL ( Personal Social Emotional Learning) lesson with Ms. Kris Bezzerides, our  ES Counsellor. kbezzerides@unishanoi.org. Ms Kris introduced K2C to the Zones of Regulation. Can your child to tell you about these feelings zones?

Ms Cathie is also a learner! Last weekend, and on Monday and Tuesday this week, I was also growing my brain, as I joined 60 other teachers from the region to learn about “Cognitive Coaching”.  The mission of Cognitive CoachingSM is to produce self-directed persons with the cognitive capacity for excellence both independently and as members of a community. Research indicates that teaching is a complex intellectual activity and that teachers who think at higher levels produce students who are higher achieving, more cooperative, and better problem solvers. It is the invisible skills of teaching, the thinking processes that underlie instructional decisions, which produce superior instruction. 

I warmly invite K2C parents to come our K2C classroom ( B11 G07) next Thursday, September 6th, for Back to School Night. 

This is a good opportunity for parents to meet each other as well as get a better understanding of your child’s learning environment and teachers.

The programme will run as follows:

Time Activity Location
6.00 – 6.30pm Homeroom Presentation  (session 1) Your child’s homeroom class
6.35 – 7.05pm

Homeroom Presentation

(session 1  repeated)

Your child’s homeroom class
Ongoing from 6.00pm – 7.30pm Specialist Teacher Information

Ly Thai To Learning Centre (B08b)

(above new canteen)

7.30pm All Back to School presentations end

At the Back To School evening, teachers will share with you a range of information including:

  • The important members of our K2 team
  • Methods of communication between school and home 
  • What’s different from K1 & highlights for this K2 year
  • Key areas of learning 
  • Important aspects of your child’s schedule
  • How to best support your child’s learning this year in partnership with the school

I look forward to seeing parents on Thursday night. Enjoy your LONG weekend!



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24th August

Dear K2C Families….

Morning meetings are part of our daily routine. We sing “good morning” songs, count how many students are in the class and how many days we have been at school. Here are the words of one of our songs:

“We’ve been working in our classroom, for ____ days

We’ve been working in our classroom, here in K2C

Rising early in the morning

Bring our hat and water bottle too

Every day we come to play with friends at school.

Considering we have only been working together for just 8 school days, I am feeling very pleased with how well K2C are building their ‘community of learners’. I have taken many photos and created a few youtube videos of student learning, for you to see our wonderful children in action! (As they say: a picture paints 1000 words!)

Here you will see ‘Pete The Cat and K2C’s school shoes

Here you will see/hear (If you listen very closely) K2C and K2D choice time


One thing I wish for is for all children to learn each others’ names.

Here’s Our K2C Schedule. ( A slight change was made..Music is now on Monday/Fridays).

A big thank you for remembering Library Bags on Tuesdays and  PE gear on Mon/Wed/Friday

K2 Who We Are Unit of Inquiry – Family ‘Show and Tell’ Please sign up. Click here

We are inquirers and want to learn more about our families. Parents are invited (encouraged) to come to school for 10 minutes to show and tell ‘Who You Are’! What makes your family special?

We need you to help our young learners understand this Central Idea: Awareness of my identity and abilities helps connect and develop our international community.

Some ideas of the kinds things you and your child might choose to ‘share’ are:

to read a book in your home language to the class

bring something special that represents your culture/s ( e.g. poster,clothing, artifacts)

teach us how to say a simple greeting or how to count to 5 in your home language

More photos of our week

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Our first week in K2C

Dear Families,

Its been a great start to the year. I wonder, how many classmates names does your child know already?

I enjoy creating videos and taking photos to capture the learning. This first week our main goals were to build self management skills and relationships. By watching and listening to children as they work and play together, you will notice all of the children are happy and are settling easily into routines of school.

Please click here to see photos of our first week in K2C.

We are also getting to know our K2D friends.

Reminders: Please include both myself and Ms Mi in any emails that are about student absences and changes to afternoon pick up/bus routines.

Ms Cathie- cmatthews@unishanoi.org          Ms Mi- nnmi@unishanoi.org

Thank you to the parents who have 1.already filled in the K2 Parent questionaire and yellow emergency contact card

2. sent a family photo

3. Emailed positive feedback! It is so nice to know your children are going home happy!

Have a good weekend!




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