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Gun Control
Gun Control A Persuasive Essay by Andrew Flay   Gun control is a huge debate all around the world right now. The US has been debating the longest and many people say that gun ownership because people can have good experiences when using guns (More)
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Junk Food Persuasive Video
Junk Food
Hi, my name is Lana, and today I want to tell you that Junk food is really bad for you. According to the British government, 40,000  people a year die because from eating too much junk food and these deaths can be avoided!   Do you know how eat (More)
PaperClips R\'us
Marketing School
This morning Ms.Emma came and spoke with the 5th grade.To get more students learning at our school we she did a a video and interview teachers and students. In the video they show good education how the students learn and what we learn. In the Unis b (More)
Parent Fave product/Toy when they were a kid (Homework)
When my dad was a little kid, he always wanted a electric modern train because he want to be a train driver when he was a child . He saw the advertisement from the magazine and mainly the big advertising poster of that toy at this huge toy shop. (More)
Your Retold Fairy tale Reflection This video my group decided to do a fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood.  We changed the part where Red Riding hood can save her self by tricking the wolf. And she don\'t need help from the Wood Man. In the original (More)
Hot Topic How do you feel about this? How can we make our Planet a better place? (More)
Climate Change Reflection
Climate Change Reflection The main idea of this unit is to learn about climate change and the causes and effects of it and how we can help and so on. We learned about the subject in many different ways we did hands on activities for example the eart (More)
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