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Casino Night/Unit Reflection
Is gambling a social evil? Is gambling a social evil? Well, I personally do not think gambling is a social evil. I do understand the consequences of gambling such as increased crime, financial problems and there are situations where people are so (More)
Maths Casino Night
  Our casino night game had been very deceiving for the punters. It had looked really easy to win and aesthetic but the mathematics behind it was  very hard. The odds were very high. Our game was very popular that we had to even change some (More)
Math Casino Night Reflection
Two Part Reflection The Task Question and The Unit Question OUR TASK QUESTION: How can we make our Casino Game Successful? Lookin (More)
Reflection - Criterion D
I think that our game wasn't as popular as I thought it would be because since we had a popular theme; The Hunger Games, people would come and play but it turns out that most of the punters didn't know what The Hunger Games were. We made a profit of (More)
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