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John Green
John Green By Andrew Flay   “RING RING RING!!!!” The alarm clock screeched I sit bolt upright in my bed and my hands fly to my sides and my left unintentionally does a swipe over my night-stand and I hear a “Bling!” I look on the floor to se (More)
My Novel Review- Diary Of A Wimpy Kid \'9\' The Long Haul.
This is my book review about \"Diary Of a Wimpy Kid\" the book 9. The author of this book is a famous person         Jeff Kinney who writes books for young kids as well as books for adults. So the whole point of this book is for the main character Gr (More)
Best Book Response Semester 1: The Blood of Olympus
Book: Blood of Olympus Author: Rick Riordan Chapter: 13 In this chapter Reyna and Hylla (Reyna’s sister) are on the run from the ancient hunter Orion. They have many obstacles in their way and if you want to find out you should read this ama (More)
Best Book Response Semester 2: The Scorch Trails
Book: The Scorch Trials Author: James Dashner Chapter: 7   In this chapter the Gladers (who have been saved by some people from the Maze) wake up one morning thinking they are safe but they are locked inside their dorm so one of the Glade (More)
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Junk Food Persuasive Video
Junk Food
Hi, my name is Lana, and today I want to tell you that Junk food is really bad for you. According to the British government, 40,000  people a year die because from eating too much junk food and these deaths can be avoided!   Do you know how eat (More)
PaperClips R\'us
My English Homework- JAMAL AND THE SMUGGLER.
Jamal- My parents are on the other boat. I have a little sister and she wants to be with them. She is only nine. Please. Smuggler- How will we get that boat back? Jamal- By radio or radar to check on them where they are right now. We can ask th (More)
Boy Overboard Persuasive Homework
\"Excuse me, me and my sister got the wrong boat, and we need your help, can you get us to the other boat where are parent is?\", Said Jamal. The Smuggler says,\" Sorry, but it is to late to stop and get you to the other boat! We need to be on time t (More)
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