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Adidas & Its Source of Finance
Adidas is a public limited company that specializes in sportswear and running shoes. As a public limited company, Adidas receives its main source of finance from share capital. Share capital refers to the money that is raised from selling shares in t (More)
Summer 2012 Business Articles
"Tensions as S Africa miners continue strikes" (add paragraphs)   "South Africa (More)
Logos - How we truely interpret them.
Yahoo The most recent logo for yahoo is effective because it is simple, it has a clear font and it is just one colour that can be well distinguished compared to other logos. The yahoo logo is memorable even if it was to change (if you look at t (More)
IB BusMan reflection 2011-2012
During last year, I feel the easiest topic for me was topic 2, motivation for workers. The things that are still difficult to me are stakeholders, mission and vision statements, and aims + objectives (More)
Reflection Last Year
Last year I am having trouble with the decision tree and fish bone. I dont really remember how to calculate the diagram.Though I feel comfortable with PEST Anaylyse. I also need to improve on my Tools skills. I need to revise this over the weekend. (More)
Logos and its Effectiveness
Select three of the logos from the activities and write one paragraph for each discussing why you think it is an effective logo for that company.   Nike The Nike logo is one of the most recognized logo's in the world, it a very effecti (More)
Corporate Logo Reflection
The first coporate logo that I have chosen is the Mozilla Firefox logo. I think that this logo is very effective (More)
Logos and its effectiveness
Apple Logo In my opinion, Apple logo is very effective in many ways.  The design, Apple has its own unique design of the logo which is an apple with bite mark on one side. This simple but interesting design attracted many people and led them a (More)
Corporate Logo Reflection
After completing the corporate logo activities and reading the article linked from my blog, you should create a new blog post. In your post: 1. Select three of the logos from the activities and write one paragraph for each discussing why you think (More)
Corporate Logo Reflection
Logos help define a company and are often what customers and potential clients base their first  impressions of the company off of.  That is why companies spend millions to find the perfect logo to represent them and what they are about to the outsid (More)
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