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Negative A trash can is another example of a negative system because whenever the trash can becomes full, the campus admin (More)
Open and Closed System
Open System: Pond Closed System: Table More)
Open, closed system
Systems can be classified into three different types which depend on the flow of energy and matter between the system and the environments that are surrounded. More)
Open and Closed System
Open System (Human) More)
open/closed system
Open system Tree is open system because it interacts with the surrounding environment when it takes energy and new matter in. Moreover both matter and energy are exchanged during the process.   Closed system Tablet is closed system b (More)
4 Systems
OPEN SYSTEM The picture above shows the park like area in front of the UNIS canteen. This picture is an example of an o (More)
In this blog post we (Kyung Hyea Hyun and Hiong Lin Tam) will be looking at examples of an open system and a closed system as well as negative and positive feedback that we could find within the school campus. Systems can be classified. The flow o (More)
Open/Close Environment and Positive/Negative Feedback
My partner and I spent a day outside looking at some samples of open/close environments and also positive/negative feedback. Below are our results 1. More)
Welcome to ESS
This is my IB Ess blog post! (More)
Soil System Essay
Each essay is marked out of [20] of which [2] are for clarity of expression, structure and development of ideas. [0] Quality of expression, structure and development is poor. [1] Quality of expression, structure and development is limited. [2] Qu (More)
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