Opening Lines and Street Art

Dear Parents,


Literacy– Our current line of inquiry is ‘Writing an engaging narrative’ and we continue to examine what it takes to hook a reader in. We have looked looked into examples of opening lines from well known children’s literature and have co-compiled a list of possible ways to open a narrative. We have recorded examples of really successful ones to help guide our own creative writing.

Ways to open a narrative:

  • Describe the setting
  • Begin with an action
  • Start with a problem/mystery/question
  • Describe a character
  • Open with a character thinking or giving their opinion
  • Open with dialogue (speaking)
  • Talk directly to your reader
  • Describe a feeling
  • Start with a sound

UOI: We continue with looking into how artists communicate their ideas. We looked into the work of Keith Haring and his use of line, color, symbol (form) and space (public spaces). The kids have created very bold Keith Haring inspired pieces.

Art Field Trip: Some snaps from our art field trip today

Enjoy the Weekend!





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