Fibonacci and Oceans of Plastic

Dear parents of 3B,


Literacy: We are moving on from the structure of an information report to adding the necessary supporting details. We made a connection to prior reading lessons on asking questions of the text as a strategy to strengthen our writing.


Math: Happy Fibonacci Day! This day, November 23, recognizes the importance of the Fibonacci sequence (or Fibonacci numbers) in mathematics and our everyday lives. We investigated the numerical pattern and had a go creating a visual model in the form of the Fibonacci Spiral.

We also made connection to the idea of place value and scale and – creating place value collages to represent a four digit number with accurate scaling.


A plastic of Ocean: As part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, we will be hosting a free community screening of “A Plastic Ocean” on Tuesday 27th November at 5.00pm.  The movie is in English, with Vietnamese subtitles.
Movie Trailer:  A Plastic Ocean 
What:  “A Plastic Ocean” documentary – FREE community screening
When:  Tuesday 27th November, 5.00pm (running time – 1 hour 42 minutes)
Who:  UNIS Hanoi students, families, teachers – 7 years +
Where:  Theatre, Centre for Arts, B10
Why:  To raise awareness of the issue of pollution being created by single use plastics and what we can do to help
Theatre will open at 4.50pm – free seating. However, Elementary students will NOT be allowed to attend unless accompanied by an adult.
Happy Weekend to all!
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