December 22

Greetings 5D Community,

A very special thank you to those parents who were able to attend the open classrooms on Tuesday. I hope you gained an insight into your child’s school day, and what they are learning. 

In UOI this week, students selected a migrant to study and began to research. The summative task for this unit involves writing and performing a monologue about a migration story, from the perspective of the migrant. Students will present their monologues at a ‘Migration Museum’ on December 11. Next week, students will finish up their narrative planning before writing and rehearsing their monologues. 

In math this week, 5D have been busy using the area model to help them divide three-digit numbers. Today, 5D taught 5C how to play the math game ‘Divide and Conquer’, and next week we will apply our new understandings to real-world problems, in addition to solving a three-act task. 

In literacy this week, we have continued reading and responding to migration stories. We have also continued our word inquiry by investigating and proving a range of suffixes and prefixes. Today students discovered that for bases ending with -y, the spelling changes to -i if a suffix is added (happy: happiness).

Save the Dates

Wednesday December 11 – Migration Museum

Friday December 13th – Last day of school before Winter Break. 

Dinner time talk

  • What are the five parts of a story called?
  • How can you solve division problems using an area model?
  • Which migrant have you chosen to research and present for the migration museum?

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