October 25

Greetings 5D Community

Thank you to everyone who provided food, and came along to join us for lunch on Monday at UN Day. The cultural dress, and international lunch are two of my favourite things about UN day, and this year was no exception. Thank you also to those parents who also stuck around at the end, to ensure our classrooms were tidied and put back into order.

In literacy this week, 5D have been busy reading, planning and writing discussion texts. Our focus for the week has been on writing informative macro sentences and detailed hedging statements. Students have also spent time backing up their arguments with strong evidence. Be sure to test their arguments by seeking evidence for any arguments they may have at home this week. We are also making good progress through The Bridge Home, our current read aloud text (which is also a part of the Global Read Aloud for 2019).

To kick off the week in math, students played a place value game involving eleven digit numbers. They were then tasked with finding the difference between two scores on a number line. The task generated some interesting discussions around efficiency and understanding. On Thursday, students made connections between the base ten system and an area model by solving multi-digit multiplication problems with manipulatives. Next week, we will aim to take this knowledge a step further by solving multi-digit division problems with an area model.

In UOI this week, we have continued our inquiries into governance systems by drawing flowcharts to show our understanding of the leadership structure at UNIS. This morning, Mrs Jane spoke with the grade level about her role as Head of School. She outlined the leadership structure for us, and answered many questions from the insatiable students. 

Our classroom government also experienced a bit of a shakeup this week. Questions arose around the term limits of cabinet members, and some students expressed their dissatisfaction with the cabinet ministers. Our education minister made the decision to step down, and a new round of elections took place to find a replacement. The issue of term limits has not yet been addressed, but the class does seem satisfied with their newly appointed cabinet minister.

Save the Date

Monday 11th November: Professional Development Day – No School

Friday 14th December: Last day of school before winter break

 Dinner time talk

  •     What is a hedging statement?
  •     Can you solve the multiplication problem 19 x 22?
  •     Tell me about The Bridge Home

 The Week that was

October 18

Greetings 5D Community,

To celebrate SDG week at UNIS, the students of Grade Five have spent their UOI time compiling an SDG Action book. Students were separated into small groups, before heading off to research one of the SDGs and collect examples of action. Stay tuned as we hope to have the book ready for publication in the coming weeks. 

In math this week, 5D have been inquiring into place value by taking a close look at the base ten model, and visualising how to multiply numbers by tens, hundreds, thousands and beyond. Next week we will continue our examination of multiplication by exploring how to utilise the area model for multiplication and division problems.

In literacy on Monday, we finished reading Macbeth and had a fantastic discussion around the theme of power. Students were then able to reflect on how Macbeth is connected to our current central idea ‘Power comes with responsibility.’ Our current reading skill is summarising, so students spent two periods reading discussion texts, highlighting key words and then summarising the information into their own words. In writing, we took another look at the discussion scaffold with Ms Aga, students came up with topics for their discussion piece, and we began planning. 

UN Day Celebrations

You should have received an email from Nick & Yuki, our class parents explaining everything you’ll need for UN Day. I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone in their traditional dress, before sharing a delicious lunch together. Please be reminded that dismissal is at 1pm for students on Monday. 

Save the Dates

Monday 21st October – UN Day Assembly, starting at 11:00

Monday 11th November – Teacher Professional Development Day: No School

Friday 14th December – Last day of school before Winter Break (3 weeks)

Dinner time chat

What happened to Macbeth at the end of the play?

Who are the main characters your new read aloud The Bridge Home?

What is the base ten system?

Finally, here is a great NY Times article that helps to articulate my feelings about home reading.


October 4

Greetings 5D Community,

First off, I’m sure by now you have heard all about the Grade Five Camp. 5D were exceptionally well behaved throughout. I was particularly proud of the way our students engaged with the activities, and represented our school when working with the local children of Hoa Binh. Stay tuned for photos and footage from camp in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for coming along to our parent / student / teacher conference on Monday. I found it a great opportunity to talk together as a team, and I hope you have a better understanding of our shared goals for the year. 

In UOI this week, we established our 5D system of governance. Take a look at your child’s Seesaw post if you would like to know more. Our governing system will be utilised by the students throughout the unit (and possibly beyond) to make laws (rules) that govern all members of our classroom community. 

In Math this week, we have been inquiring into two digit multiplication. Students first attempted to solve a problem using as many different methods as they could think of (we found ten). Next, we leared how to solve multi-digit multiplication problems quickly and efficiently using the area model & lattice method. I encourage you to follow up with your child at home this weekend, by asking them to solve any 2digit multiplication problems. 

In literacy this week, we started reading our Global Read Aloud text: The Bridge Home. We are just two chapters in, but the book has already prompted some insightful reactions and heartfelt discussion. I look forward to making some genuine connections between the book, this unit on governance, and the next unit on migration.

This week, we have also continued to examine our discussion text type by reading a few examples, and considering how we might structure our own discussion texts when writing. 

I hope you all have a wonderful autumn break, and are able to make the most of the added time with the family.

Save the Date: October 

Monday 7th – 11th – Autumn Break

Monday 14th – 18th – SDG week

Monday 21st – UN Day