Week 5: Sept 9-12

Greetings 5C Community,

Chúc Mừng Tet Trung Thu!

This week students wrote Where I’m From poems that expressed their more subtle identity traits. One student wrote, “I am from the big durian scented apartment in Keangnam.” Students also prepared presentations of their identity, which they will share with the class next week. 

In math, students explored geometry and reviewed mathematical terminology through a series of geometry challenges. 

During literacy, students examined the purpose of various affixes (prefixes and suffixes) while playing a game. We then started to create an affix chart, which will help students make sense of unfamiliar words.

On Tuesday, we will begin an exciting unit on government. Make sure to ask your child what happened each day!

Save the Date
Wed, 25th to 27th September – G5 Overnight Excursion

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