Week 19 – January 13th to 17th

Greetings 5B Community,

Welcome to Teddy’s Thoughts
Students in 5B have been looking at body language. We have been using our class Teddy to interpret how people might be feeling or what they might be thinking.

“The AQI is high, so I can’t go outside.”

This week in UOI, we’ve been busy inquiring into circuits. It’s been a very hands-on week with students building and experimenting with energy.  In the Maker Space, students have been playing video games on their very own handbuilt controllers utilising the Makey Makey kits, and some very innovative ideas. In class, they have been building a range of gadgets that use different sources of energy (solar, battery, kinetic etc). The idea is to give students as many opportunities to investigate how energy is transformed and transferred, as well a giving them a deeper understanding of circuitry. 

Next week we will make our own generators that will power something (lights, lifts, speakers etc).

We kicked started our new text type with an explanation pre-assessment requiring students to describe how and why something works. We inquired further into spelling rules, with students identifying ‘replace the <e>’ and ‘double the consonant’. In reading, we began an inquiry into non-fiction text types, with students identifying the key differences between fiction and non-fiction texts via reading examples of reports, explanations, debates, processes and novels. Students also began to research energy topics of interest to develop their citation and referencing skills.

We began a new unit investigating fractions and reviewing decimals. We’ve spent time this week saying “four-tenths and seven hundredths.” instead of using the term “point” to ensure students understand the value of the decimal place value. Our main focus has been fractions. Students learning objectives this week were:

  • Defining fractions
  • Representing and Visualising fractions
  • Benchmarking
  • Understanding the power of one
  • Finding equivalent fractions
  • and finding common denominators.

It was a huge week, but all students have a solid understanding of these objectives. 5B worked extremely hard to grasp and practice these concepts. We will continue to practice these next week.

Sadly we say farewell to Abigail who leaves us today. She will be going to Concordia after TET and we want to wish her all the best in her new school.

G5 supported 2B this week by listening to and giving feedback on their creative presentations. For most G2 students this was the first time they created a slide show. It was really a fantastic opportunity for me to witness G5 students in a leadership/teaching role. Go 5B!

G4 Market Day
Congratulations to G4 for hosting a fantastic Market day. G5 had a wonderful time being challenged by the games G4 students created and eating the range of delicious delights.

Save the Date:

  • Wednesday, 22nd January: Student/Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Thursday, 23rd January: Tet Assembly – Please let your child wear their áo dài to school on Thursday.
  • Friday, January 24: First day of Tet holiday break
  • Monday, February 3: First day back at school after Tet holiday break
  • Wednesday, February 5th: SCO movie night
  • Friday, February 28th: Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon and PYPx parent information morning.




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Week 18 – January 6th to 10th

Welcome Back

I trust you all enjoyed your break and have return feeling refreshed and ready for the second semester. It has been lovely to catch up with the holiday stories and I’m sure 5B students have each grown at least an inch in height.

Many thanks to Aiden for continuing to represent 5B as the ES student council representative and welcome aboard to Emil, who has replaced Stella as last semesters representative. I’m sure you will both do us proud in the coming weeks.


5B started their new UOI this week. We kicked off our energy unit with a power outage provocation on Monday, to get students thinking about the high value of energy in our daily lives. Students did a range of activities to burn calories which we converted into watt-hours in the hope of earning enough wattage to power a range of electrical devices at school. Our class worked hard towards their goal of iPads for the afternoon, but soon realised the high cost of electricity. A decision was made to combine the watt-hours across the grade level, which meant we had just enough power for a single projector and laptop to enjoy a film together (but no air conditioner).

The elements of this unit are;

Central Idea: The world depends on energy.

Lines of Inquiry

  • electrical energy that is transferred, transformed and controlled (function)
  • electrical energy options (causation)
  • energy consumption choices that affect the environment and society (responsibility)

Key Concepts

  • Function, 
  • Causation,
  • Responsibility

We would welcome experts to share their knowledge with us around the topics of renewable and sustainable energy. Please contact the G5 team to arrange a visit. 


Our writing text type is Explanation. We will be reading a range of non-fiction explanations, with most of them connected to our ‘Energy’ UOI. Students will become familiar with the structural elements of this text type, which will support their PYPx report writing, extend their recount writing and develop their persuasive writing skills.

Home learning

Students will have the opportunity to respond to issues of concern or interest. This week we look at the reason behind the extraction of fossil fuels. Students no longer need to post reading responses, but they do have to comment on the issue submitted by sharing their thoughts, research or pose a question to further the conversations. Each student will sign up for a day to post. Please feel free to add your thoughts to each post.


A note from our ES Math Coach – Educator Mike Flynn discusses why math is taught differently now. http://mathleadership.org/what-happened-to-math-class/

The following learning objectives will be the focus during the coming weeks.

  • Count by quarters halves and thirds, including with mixed numerals. Locate and represent these fractions on a number line.
  • Recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths and hundredths. 
  • Make connections between fractions and decimal notation.
  • Compare and order common unit fractions and locate and represent them on a number line.
  • Investigate strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator.
  • Compare, order and represent decimals.

Grade 4 Market Day

  • When: TUESDAY 14 January 10:45-12:00
  • Bring: maximum of 100,000 VND to spend 
  • The products and services being sold will range from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND. 
  • All profits will go to organizations that support Children’s’ Rights.

Save the Date:

  • Wednesday, 22nd January: Student/Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Thursday, 23rd January: Tet Assembly
  • Friday, January 24: First day of Tet holiday break
  • Monday, February 3: First day back at school after Tet holiday break
  • Wednesday, February 5th: SCO movie night
  • Friday, February 28th: Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon and PYPx parent information morning.

The week that was:



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Week 17 – 9th to 13th December

Dear 5B Community,

The week before break is always one full of excitement and exhaustion. Some 5B students have left for Winter break already, some are down with illness and those of us who are left are working our way through the final elements of our UOI.

UOI – Migration Museum Monologues Presentations
Firstly thank you to all the parents who came to listen and support students as they presented their Migration Story. Within the pandemonium of 84 students presenting, the following skills were observed and celebrated.

  • Courage – the ability to do something that frightens or extends oneself.
  • Communication – to express to an audience, using elements of expressive language and connected gestures to dispatch a message that engages the receiver.
  • Research – to take relevant bits of information from different sources and put it together in a format that makes sense.
  • Presentation – to adjust and vary communication methods to suit different audiences.

Special thanks to parents who let me know your child was not available to attend the presentation, as we arranged to have students present prior to Wednesday.


This week students completed an assessment to demonstrate how their multiplication and division skills have developed over the past few weeks. They reviewed these and have a clear understanding of their areas for development and extension.  When we return in the new year we will begin to focus on fractions and geometry.


Narrative writing continues. 5B will pick this back up in the new year, with a concentrated effort on editing and rewriting. We have finished our class novel and will begin a new reading program – Audio, visual, assessment in literacy, language and learning (AVAILLL). We will look at various skills such as fluency, tone, context, comprehension, note-taking and imagery, along with our regular word inquiry lessons.

Save the Date

  • Monday, January 6: First day back at school after Winter Break
  • Friday, January 24: First day of TET holiday break
  • Monday, February 3: First day back at school after TET holiday break

The Week that Was


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Week 16 – 2nd to 6th December

Welcome 5B Community,

The winter break is nearly upon us, but with that being said, 5B has not slowed down their learning. What a week it has been.

G5 students prepared for a strings performance during the ES assembly on Thursday but were interrupted by a fire drill. 5A and 5B were able to perform for the ECC students once the drill was over, which was well received.

Guidance Lessons
Students worked with Mr Dylan this week to build on the previous lessons relating to relational aggression. He presented students with two scenarios and asked them to figure out what they would ‘think, feel, or do’ if it happened to them.  Afterwards, he gave students cards with phrases for them to review and then they added these phrases to their initial thinking.

5B have been super busy putting the finishing touches on their migration stories. Students have placed a lot of emphasis on gestures, facial expressions and emotions, with the aim of making their presentations rich and engaging for their audiences. I have been delighted with the energy and focus 5B has put into these monologues and artifacts they created during art classes. We look forward to sharing this journey at the Migration Museum on Wednesday 11th at 1pm – 2pm in the Library, please come along and enjoy the array of interesting migration stories.

In math this week, we spent time consolidating our multiplication and division connections and skills. Long division is often considered one of the most challenging topics to teach. Luckily, there are strategies that we can teach to make multi-digit division easier to understand and perform.

The Area Model (pictured first – 453 ÷ 4) and the Partial Quotient Method (pictured second – 679 ÷ 5) are mental math-based approaches that enhance number sense understanding. Students solve the equation by subtracting multiples until they get down to 0, or as close to 0 as possible. These are alternatives to traditional long division, which we will look at next week.
5B also had a go a solving a real-world challenge involving unknown quantities and attending to precision.

In literacy this week, we broke down two key narrative writing skills – when to change paragraphs and how to add detail by adding rich dialogue and description of what the speaker is doing, thinking and feeling. Students then continued to apply these newly found skills into their own writing. We are nearing the end of our class novel ‘Among the Hidden’ and will begin a new reading program called AVAILLL, after the TET break.

Dinner Time Talk

  • What new game did you learn in math this week – What skill does the game allow you to practice?
  • What approach to learning or learner profile did you focus on this week?
  • Explain the difference between dividend, quotient and divisor?

Save the Date

  • Wednesday, December 11: Migration Museum, 1-2pm
  • Friday, December 13: Last day of school before Winter Break
  • Monday, January 6: First day back at school after Winter Break
  • Friday, January 24: First day of TET holiday break
  • Monday, February 3: First day back at school after TET holiday break

The Week that was:

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Week 15 – 25th to 29th November

Welcome 5B Community

It is great to be back with your children, after being away on professional development. I have loads of new ideas to share with students to help them move their learning and thinking forward. It is going to be a busy two weeks leading up to the break, so hook in and enjoy the ride.


Students continue to prepare for their Migrant Museum Monologues and have all now chosen a migrant character to research in-depth. During our Toolbox time on Monday, we were lucky to be treated to four wonderful but emotional migration stories from members of our own community. Ms Barbara from the Middle School talked to us about the history of migration within Cyprus; Mr Ole told us about his family’s experiences as Jewish people living in Denmark during the Second World War who fled to Sweden, Ms Nguyen told us about her experiences moving from the Vietnamese countryside to Hanoi and how this example of urban migration changed her life entirely; Ms Linh shared her experiences of moving from Hanoi to Russia as a young child and moving around the country following her father’s postings. A huge thank you to these four presenters who shared these stories with us. 

Next week we will put the finishing touches on the monologues, before rehearsing and preparing for the Migration Museum on December 11.


Students have been working to consolidate their understanding of division through the use of manipulatives, story problems and unknown factors. Connections to multiplication and repeated addition are referred to often to strengthen their understanding of number. 

Basic Division Progression






Multiplication plays a huge role in understanding and efficiency. So students who do not yet know their number bonds to 100 or multiplication facts to 10 should be working on these at home.


5B is continuing to work on developing narratives. This week we focused on describing a character’s feelings and looks and how to weave these elements throughout a story arc. We have looked as word choices that create an image in the reader’s mind (show) instead of telling the reader what is happening (tell), for example


The sound of the clock ticking was all that could be heard as the students sat their end of year exam. Jennie finish and went to the door in a hurry…  


‘Ticktock, ticktock… the sound of the clock was all that could be heard as the students sat their end of year exam. Jennie felt relieved when she finished her last question and rushed to the door…’.

Next week we will spend time considering how authors create mood in their writing as we continue with specific word choices. 

Word Inquiry

This week we focused on ‘checking the joins’ of words. Looking at letter sounds and graphemes.

Movement Space

This week 5B decided to rearrange the classroom to include a movement space. Somewhere for students to work out, refocus and strengthen their core strength. If you have any small handheld weights, or strength bands you no longer use, we would love to add them to our growing range of equipment.

5B Governing system

Abigail MOEV, Prakhar MOJ, Dean MOE, Aoife MOH (absent from this photo) and Aiden PM.

This week our Ministers lead a lesson on understanding the PYP learner profiles. They felt students needed to understand the profiles in-depth and see if students could make connections to themselves as learners.

Save the Dates

  • Wednesday, 11th December – Migration Museum
  • Thursday, 12th December – Winter Service Fair (5 – 7pm)
  • Friday, 13th December – Last day of school before Winter Break

Dinner Time Talk

  • What book are you reading?
  • Introduce me/us to your migration character
  • Can you show me how to solve division problems using an open area model?

The week that was

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Week 13 – 11th to 15th November

Welcome 5B Community

Shout out to Aiden

UOI – Field Trip to the Woman’s Museum

Our field trip to the Women’s Museum this morning was a clear highlight of our unit so far. The grade level learned a great deal about urban migration here in Vietnam. We were shown a number of personal stories from Vietnamese women, who have made their way from small villages into Hanoi, to work as street vendors. I encourage you to follow up with your children at home this weekend by enquiring about some of the push and pull factors related to migration.

Thank you to Ms Linh for taking such good care of 5B in my absence.

Check out your child’s Seesaw platform to see what they have been up to this week.

Open Classrooms
A reminder that parents are invited to see what learning looks like in 5B;
Tuesday 19th November

Specialists classes for 5B are

  • 8:30 am Art
  • 9:25 am World languages

Homeroom times for 5B are

  • 10:35 am Math
  • 11:30 am Literacy

Lock-down drill
Health and safety are one of our highest priorities at UNIS Hanoi.  We regularly practise evacuation drills with our students and staff to be sure that we can evacuate our campus quickly in case of an emergency. 

On Monday 18th November, we will be practising a ‘lockdown drill’ inside the school.  This is an essential drill to practice in case there are times when it is safer to lock our students and staff inside the buildings – for examples, when there may be an intruder on campus.  

We have already spent time talking with the students about this and have practised the procedure a number of times in class. Students are aware that this will be a practice and we have reiterated the following messages in our conversations:

  • That we should always listen to an authority figure for safety information
  • Practice means being prepared – knowing what to do keeps us as safe as possible
  • This is a ‘just-in-case’ plan – it’s like wearing a helmet when we ride our bikes. We wear helmets and knee pads when we skateboard. We don’t expect to fall, but if we do, we’ll be protected. Then we don’t have to worry. We can just ride our bikes and boards and not even think about falling, because we have the situation covered.

Save the Dates

  • Monday 18th November – School Lock Down Drill
  • Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms
  • Wednesday 11th December – Migration Museum
  • Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No SchoolSave the dates.

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Week 12 – 4th to 8th November

Welcome 5B Community

Our Migration unit kicked off this week with a provoking provocation. Students experience the difficulties associated with trying to immigrate into different make-believe countries. Students were granted visas depending on the criteria of each country. Reading the ‘Provocation Reflections’ students posted via their ‘Seesaw’ platform, uncovered a range of feelings and thoughts. This was a very emotive provocation, designed to elicit questions.

The rest of the week has been focused on exposing students to migration stories from around the world and preparing students to think about a migrant they would like to focus on for their post-assessment.

Next week we’ll look into push and pull factors and the many reasons behind these factors.


As we embark on our new writing genre – Narrative text types. 5B spent time with Angela Brienza (Literacy coach) and Monica Mayer (Librarian) learning about visual literacy and literary devices. It is a privilege to have experts to help support the development of writing skills. 

Word Inquiry

Students have been developing their understanding of words associated with migration through word inquiries.

The basis of a word inquiry is to investigate unfamiliar words through by stepping through a process;

1. What does the word mean?
2. How is it built?
*Identify any bases or affixes with a word sum
3. What other related words can be found? (hypothesise)
*Morphological relations: words with the same structure and meaning
*Etymological relations: the word’s origin (word history)
4. What are the sounds that matter?
*What grapheme/phoneme correspondences is there that fit within your hypothesised morphemes?

Home Learning

Reading responses are well underway. A reminder that the book your child chooses is their choice. However, your child should be encouraged to choose a range of genres and reading resources i.e articles, poetry, manuals and reports etc).


5B students continue to investigate whole number multiplication operations and are using numerical expressions to model multi-step situations. Students are also learning to move back and forth between multiplication and division expressions selecting strategies that efficiently solve a particular problem. 

Becoming fluent with multiplication facts is always a really important skill that we want to develop in our mathematicians. Here are two games you can play with your child at home to develop these skills.

Important Reminders

With the year well underway, students are beginning to feel the pressure of being able to organise themselves. Many are forgetting to check their daily schedules the night before. This has had an effect on students being ill-prepared for classes. A growing concern is the number of times musical instruments are left at home, or at school and as students only have instrumental class once a week, this will have a grave impact on their performances. If you have not yet signed a permission form for your child to bring home their instrument, please do so. This will allow your child to practice at home. Also note that if your child brings home their Chromebook, it must come back to school the following day. 

Grade 4 & 5 Production Information

Open Classrooms 

A reminder that Open Classrooms are designed as a structure that allows us to promote understanding of our programme and to strengthen relationships with our parent community. 

Parents are invited to experience what learning looks like in 5B on Tuesday 19th November

Specialists classes for 5B are

  • 8:30 am Art
  • 9:25 am World languages

Homeroom times for 5B are

  • 10:35 am Math
  • 11:30 am Literacy

Save the Dates

  • Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
  • Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms
  • Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No SchoolSave the dates

Dinner Time Talk

  • What do butterflies, the day of the dead and migration have in common?
  • Explain how doubling and halving or adding some on and taking some off works on a 2 digit multiplication problem.
  • What is the difference between a boar, a sow and a hog?

The week that was


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Week 11 – 28th October to 1st November

Welcome 5B Community

Shout out to 5B students who came in costume for Halloween.


As we come to the closure of our current UOI (governance), students have been busy creating their assessment projects. Check out some of the students in action.

Next week students embarked on a new UOI.
Where we are in place and time – Migration
An inquiry into 

  • Migration occurs for many reasons (causation)
  • How migration results in change (change)
  • Perspectives related to migration (perspective)

Sharing your family migration story will support your child’s understanding of the elements above that drive the inquiry. Consider being a guest speaker; we would love to listen to a migration experience that you or someone you know has been through.


This week 5B continued to work on the elements of a discussion text. Understanding that a discussion has two perspectives. They experienced current event issues, from New Zealand, around people’s perspectives of how to pronounce place names and the reasons behind the different perspectives. Students also connected the concept to people and their names, as a few of our class members have adopted English names because their given names are difficult to pronounce. 

Friday saw 5B students complete their ‘Discussion Assessment’ with the topic being ‘Books vs Movies’. I am looking forward to grading these to see the progress students have made.

Next week we embark on a new text type; Narratives. This is a familiar text type for students and I am looking forward to developing a number of skills students already have, along with introducing new elements such as writing from a particular point of view, crafting social messages and exploring emotive language.

Home Learning
Your child is required to write 3 reading responses per week (Monday to Sunday) via their Seesaw platform. This task is designed to do a number of things:

  • Develop a love of reading 
  • Develop comprehension skills
  • Develop a routine 
  • Develop independence
  • Meet the given criteria

It is very helpful when parents make comments that feedback to what their child is thinking. It is also a great way to stay connected to what your child might like to read. Students should focus some of their home reading on texts associated with their current UOI. This helps them develop a deeper understanding and grow their knowledge base.

5B students have the opportunity to bring home math tasks to practice a strategy they have learned in class. This is encouraged but not required. A suggestion for parents is to support your child in learning the multiplication tables to 10. 


Students have continued to develop their understanding of multiplication and have been practising using estimation strategies, as a good first step to assess the reasonableness of their answers. We have started to work with arrays and students will continue practising this skill with larger numbers so that they can build their confidence. We start our clip with the Doughnut problem from last week.

Open Classrooms
Open Classrooms is designed as a structure that allows us to promote understanding of our programme and to strengthen relationships with our parent community. A detailed schedule will be sent via the ES office and posted on our blog in due course.

Save the Dates

  • Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
  • Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms
  • Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No School

The week that was

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Week 10 – 21st to 25th October

Welcome 5B Community

UN Day Celebrations – A heartfelt thank you to everyone who provided food for lunch. It is always such a treat to taste dishes from other countries. It is a source of pride for students when they can share their favourite foods with their friends. A special thank you to our class parents for all their organisation and for returning our classrooms back to their original state. This was very much appreciated.

Shout outs

Ole supported Class Parents in returning the classroom to its normal state – Thank you Ole.

Political Influences on Educational Institutions should be banned.


Reading: This week we looked at the choices we make. Aiden explains what happened and what connections some of his peers made.

Home Reading: Students should have submitted the 3 reading responses they were required to do. Next week they will continue to develop their responses. 5B must respond to at least one other person’s response by the end of next week.

Writing: 5B has continued to work towards understanding how a ‘Discussion Text’ is written. They will continue to work on this until their post-assessment in a couple of weeks.

Oral Language: Lots of whole group conversations were had this week. Some of the topics were: Hygiene, Political Power, Origin of the walking dead, Halloween, UN Day and, Relational Aggression with Mt Dylan.


This week, Mr Charlie from 5A worked with students to continue to deepen their understanding of place value and base 10 within the context of a word problem; The Donut Warehouse. Students worked together in pairs and were tasked with producing a poster that clearly communicated their answers as well as the methods that they used, the difficulties they encountered and any observations they made. 

Thank you for sharing with us Mr Charlie.

Next week, we will start looking in more depth at arrays and begin to make some links between them and the multiplication algorithm. We will also continue to practice our mental maths through number talks. 


Our governing system continues to go from strength to strength, with students taking their Ministerial roles seriously. Our Minister of Health and Well-being was monitoring how many of 5B students were washing their hands before they ate their lunch. She reported that on average only 3-4 students out of 22, washed their hands before lunch each day. Her solution was to hold an educational session about hygiene and handwashing. Klaudia shares her findings with us.

 Next week we will start looking at the responsibilities of citizens within a range of governing systems.

Birthday Shout Out



Save the Dates

  • Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
  • Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No School

Dinner time chat

  • What is a hedging statement?
  • How could you easily solve the multiplication problem 70 x 99?
  • What was the connection you made between eating a balanced diet and reading?

The Week that was

Week 9 – 14th to the 18th of October

Welcome 5B Community


  • The time change is unavoidable and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the 30 minutes delayed start to our celebrations.
  • The Assembly will finish by 12.00 for lunch as planned.
  • Early Dismissal will remain at 13.00 and Bus Schedule will remain the same as previously communicated.

Hope the break saw you all well-rested, it’s great to see 5B faces back in class. This week we have had some deep and insightful conversations about how peaceful protests have changed our world and how there are two perspectives. Those who speak out and those who don’t.

Our Shout Out this week goes to Stella for her enthusiastic attitude towards books. She is always happy to share her knowledge about great reads with us.


This week students have been inquiring into how to develop meaning of quality and estimation and use flexibility with operations and their representations by exploring relationships and patterns.

Some of the inquiries they will embark on over the next couple of weeks are

  • Estimation can be developed and used to predict and evaluate reasonableness.
  • Making connections between the relationships of operations can help solve new problems.
  • Representations of operations can help solve problems and can help communicate thinking.
  • Using patterns and relationships of small numbers can help make sense of larger numbers.

Here is an example of a connection we looked at;

  • Write any number and the number that is one more (5 and 6) and (3 and 4)
  • Then multiply and find the products (3×5=15, 4×5= 20, 3×6=18, 4×6=24) 
  • Then find the sums of the two products diagonally (15+24=39 and 20+18=38)
  • What do you notice? I noticed that the difference is 1. (39-38=1)
  • Is this true for all non zero numbers


Reading – As we continue with our novel ‘Among the Hidden’ we are uncovering how governments influence the lives of the people who live and work with laws and responsibilities.  

Home Reading – Students have been given the one and only text from me, to begin their home reading responses on Seesaw. They will be required to respond three times a week. Next week they will be selecting their own reading material. They should be encouraged to read a wide variety of genres and spend time reading aloud to develop vocabulary and fluency. I would encourage you to read these and respond to their posts. This gives students a legitimate reason for responding to their home reading. Congratulations to Ruby for being the first to submit a response.

Writing – Students have grasped the first part of a discussion text; titles, macro sentences and hedging statements. Ask your child to explain what these elements of discussion texts are. Next, we will look at how to add data, testimonials and modal language to strengthen the perspectives of arguments for and against.


Our governing system has been in place for 2 weeks. Yesterday, the citizens of 5B voted in a new Prime Minister and Ministers. The citizens added a Minister of Environment to our governing system to ensure we keep our classroom in order and grow our knowledge about the environment we live in. Many thanks to our previous Prime Minister and Ministers for doing such a great job setting up our governing system.

  • Prime Minister – Emil
  • Minister of Justice – Ethan
  • Justice members – Luke and Rio
  • Minister of Education – Dean (second term in office)
  • Education members – Prakhar and David
  • Minister of Health and Wellbeing – Klaudia
  • Health and Wellbeing members – Aroma and Aiden (second term in office)
  • Minister of Environment – Ruby (second term in office)
  • Environment members – Stella and Miguel

UN Day Celebrations

We are looking forward to seeing all the students in their traditional dress and sharing lunch with you on Monday 21st. By now you should have received an email from our class parents to explain what is needed. A reminder that students are released early that day. Please add to the G5 Food Sign-up document

Birthday Wishes to Ethan – Thank you for the delicious cupcakes!

Some of 5B’s Rock Fish


Save the Dates

Monday 21st October – UN Day
Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No School






The Week that Was: