Week 10 – 21st to 25th October

Welcome 5B Community

UN Day Celebrations – A heartfelt thank you to everyone who provided food for lunch. It is always such a treat to taste dishes from other countries. It is a source of pride for students when they can share their favourite foods with their friends. A special thank you to our class parents for all their organisation and for returning our classrooms back to their original state. This was very much appreciated.

Shout outs

Ole supported Class Parents in returning the classroom to its normal state – Thank you Ole.

Political Influences on Educational Institutions should be banned.


Reading: This week we looked at the choices we make. Aiden explains what happened and what connections some of his peers made.

Home Reading: Students should have submitted the 3 reading responses they were required to do. Next week they will continue to develop their responses. 5B must respond to at least one other person’s response by the end of next week.

Writing: 5B has continued to work towards understanding how a ‘Discussion Text’ is written. They will continue to work on this until their post-assessment in a couple of weeks.

Oral Language: Lots of whole group conversations were had this week. Some of the topics were: Hygiene, Political Power, Origin of the walking dead, Halloween, UN Day and, Relational Aggression with Mt Dylan.


This week, Mr Charlie from 5A worked with students to continue to deepen their understanding of place value and base 10 within the context of a word problem; The Donut Warehouse. Students worked together in pairs and were tasked with producing a poster that clearly communicated their answers as well as the methods that they used, the difficulties they encountered and any observations they made. 

Thank you for sharing with us Mr Charlie.

Next week, we will start looking in more depth at arrays and begin to make some links between them and the multiplication algorithm. We will also continue to practice our mental maths through number talks. 


Our governing system continues to go from strength to strength, with students taking their Ministerial roles seriously. Our Minister of Health and Well-being was monitoring how many of 5B students were washing their hands before they ate their lunch. She reported that on average only 3-4 students out of 22, washed their hands before lunch each day. Her solution was to hold an educational session about hygiene and handwashing. Klaudia shares her findings with us.

 Next week we will start looking at the responsibilities of citizens within a range of governing systems.

Birthday Shout Out



Save the Dates

  • Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
  • Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No School

Dinner time chat

  • What is a hedging statement?
  • How could you easily solve the multiplication problem 70 x 99?
  • What was the connection you made between eating a balanced diet and reading?

The Week that was

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