Week 6 – 16th to 20th September

Greetings 5B Community

Picture Day Photo forms have been sent home. Order Now!

This Week’s Shout outs

Thank you to Aiden, Klaudia and Prakhar who have agreed to represent 5B next week when escorting visiting teachers on a tour around our campus.

Thank you to Ian and Aoife who will be joining the Food Advisory Committee, along with a selection of students from MSHS. The aim is to ensure student choice and voice is heard, and look at how this area of the school can continue to develop. 

We appreciate each of you for taking action and know that you will do a great job of showing off our fantastic school and representing the students who make up our community.

This Week in UOI

This week has been an exciting week for students as they arrived at school each day wondering how their day would unfold. I’m sure there have been some interesting conversations going on at home about the different governing styles students have been exposed to during this week-long provocation into their next UOI – Governance.

Tuesday was based on Monarchy. 

G5 Kings and Queens were chosen using the French tradition of the Christian holy day of Epiphany (usually celebrated in January). Hidden inside a galette des Rois (a puff pastry pie) was a little figurine called a la fève. The student who found it was crowned the king or queen for the day and as such was afforded all the privileges, duties and responsibilities that came with their status.

Wednesday was based on Anarchy.
G5 students experienced what it was like not have anyone govern their day. From the feedback from students, they enjoyed the morning, but as the day unfolded, students found it frustrating and chaotic as people’s attitudes and behaviours became increasingly unpredictable and worrisome 

Thursday was based on Dictatorship.
A very strict resume of expectations, rules and stern leadership had students quickly understand the importance of having the freedom to make their own decisions and have a voice when they felt the decisions that the governing body was making were unfair or unjust.

Friday was based on Democracy.
Grade 5 students voted for their class Prime Ministers and or Presidents and got to setting up their governing systems, which included Education Ministers, Health and Well-Being Ministers and Justice Ministers.

Next Monday will see the G5 students reflect on the week-long provocation to see if students can make connections to the world as they know it. In the coming weeks, your child will be inquiring into the governing systems of their family, their country of birth and how the UN sets up their governing system for global sustainability.

This week students completed their ‘beginning of year’ math and writing assessments. These will be modified and marked to provide baseline data in order to plan for your child’s learning needs. 

5B has finished the novel ‘Freak the Mighty’ and did some comparison work while watching the film on Friday.
Our next whole class novel is ‘Among the Hidden’ by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
Home Learning reading responses will begin after the G5 overnight excursion. 

Learning how to write a ‘discussion text’ will begin next week. 

5B will continue to work on number knowledge and strategies over the coming weeks to improve understanding and fluency. 

3 Way Conferences
Continuing with your child’s learning needs and goals, this year we are requesting that students join the conferences with teachers and parents. It will be an opportunity for all of us, students included, to share our hopes and dreams for the year. You can sign up for a 15-minute meeting conference on Veracross between 10am and 6pm on Monday, September 30. (No School or ASAs for ES)

G5 Overnight Excursion
By now you should have completed the permission and health forms on Veracross for the overnight excursion. Your child should have brought home their gear list of items they will need at camp. 

There are a couple of important notes that need to be shared:

  1. If your child takes daily medications, please ensure these are given to our school nurse before 8am on Wednesday 25th. These should be clearly named with instructions on how to and when to administer them. No medication from home will be administered without the above information and medication should not be kept in a students bag during the overnight excursion.
  2. Mobile phones are not permitted. Students will have access to a mobile phone should they need to phone home. In case you need to contact your child whilst they are away, you can call the ES office during school hours and our DP (Stephen Lush) after hours. 
  3. Please label all your child’s belongings. It makes all our lives easier if we can return lost items to their owners.
  4. Parents will receive updates at the end of each day. The platform for this is yet to be decided. Either email or Seesaw. We will let you know as soon as a decision has been made.
  5. An overview of what your child will be doing whilst away is below

5B Class Parents
A huge thank you to Griet De Bosscher, Jessica Chyoweth and Sheri Phillips for sharing the class parent role this year. Welcome aboard and we all look forward to working with you.

Save the Dates:

Wednesday 25th – 27th – G5 Overnight Excursion (Camp)
Monday 30th –  3 Way Conferences (No School or ASAs for ES)
Monday 7th – 11th – Autumn Break
Monday 21st – UN Day

Dinner Time Talk
Which governing system did you feel was successful and why?
What excites you about the overnight camp and what concerns might you have?
How might you contribute to making UNIS a better school?

The week that was

“Building friendships with people from dissimilar backgrounds and diverse perspectives will make you wiser and more creative” 

Rick Warren

Week 5 – 9th to 13th September

Welcome 5B Community,

5B students were once again working hard to accomplish targets set for this short week. We celebrated the Vietnamese Moon Festival on Friday, with an assembly put on by the Vietnamese Language Teachers and students. You can view a short snippet on the UNIS facebook page if you were unable to attend.

The Week that Was:


Week 4 – 2nd to 6th September

Welcome 5B Community

This Week’s Shout out – Goes to Klaudia for her kind spirit towards everyone.

On display at the Brussels Museum, is this week’s masterpiece entitled ‘Kind Klaudia Cares about Kids’

5B’s Essential Agreements – This is what your children value, it’s not quite the finished product. But we will get there.

5B Student Councillors 

Congratulations to Aiden and Stella who will be 5B’s student Councillors for semester one. Semester two will see Abigail and Emil take the lead. I want to extend a mention to Prakhar and Jackson who also put their hats in the running. 5B is indeed gearing up to be a community of people, who want to be responsible change-makers. 


‘How We Express Ourselves’ – Identity

This week 5B has been looking closely at what factors influence their identity and the identity of others. They ranked what they thought was the most important and the least important for them. What surprised the students, was the fact that most of them had different opinions and when they explored their reasoning, students realised there isn’t a wrong or right answer. It depends on the person and their experiences.

“I think food is the most important because we have special meals for different occasions and it’s a time where all my family come together.” 

“I think physical features are the most important because it shows we are human beings.” 

“I think culture is the most important because the language, clothing and celebrations my culture has, makes us feel part of a bigger community”

Next week students will work towards their summative project on Identity. Some students may create 3D sculptures, whilst others may create something from a  Technology or Arts-based perspective to showcase their identity. One of the most important factors to come from this task will be the understanding of influences on their identity. What makes them, them!

Math – Glimpse
Our 5B Mathematicians have continued to build up their knowledge and understanding of What Mathematicians Do and are starting to exhibit many of the characteristics of successful and efficient practitioners. Questioning; was our focus this week.

What is Place-Value? How might we read digits in specific places? Is there a pattern for whole numbers? Does the same pattern exist for digits to the right of a decimal as it does for numbers to the left of a decimal? What connections to prior knowledge might we make? How might we show our understanding? How might we share our understanding?

Back to School Night

Thank you to the families that attended this information evening. It was a pleasure to share what the year ahead will look like for your child. I have attached the slide show in PDF form, for you to view and access the links. Please consider being our class parent. 5B would be very grateful.

Save the Date

  • Wed, 11 September – ES Snack Sale
  • Thursday, 12 September – Moon Festival information
  • Fri, 13th September – No school for students – Professional Development Day
  • Wed, 25th to 27th September – G5 Overnight Excursion

The week that was

“What we call art would seem to be specialist artifacts for enhancing human perception.”

Marshall McLuhan