Learning Conversations

Monday is the day that students, parents, and teachers sit down and have conversations about student learning together, reflect upon the first 6 weeks and think about the plan moving forward. Students in 4D are excited and a little nervous to share their thinking with you all. I look forward to getting back some meaningful feedback from parents and students regarding how it went since this is our first go. Please remember to bring your child to the Learning Conversations.

This week we have been focusing on weathering, erosion and slow changes to the Earth’s surface. Next week and the week after the break, we will be looking at fast changes to the Earth’s surface and the human impact on changes to the Earth’s surface. Students are working towards demonstrating what they understand about the changes both slow and fast. For our final project, students will be designing a demonstration that will show what they understand about how the Earth’s surface changes over time. Students will be designing their demonstrations the week of October 14-18, and the week of October 21-25 students will be sharing their projects.

Next week in Maths our focus will be:

  • I can read and write a number in word form and standard form.
  • I can compose and decompose numbers using expanded form and alternatives (i.e. 746 can be decomposed by place value as 700 + 40 + 6. It can also be decomposed as 700 + 46, 600 + 146, 500 + 246, 699 + 56, etc).
  • I can compare numbers using place value and symbols.

This is an example of a problem we solved this week:

Juice boxes are packaged in different ways. A pack holds 10 boxes. A case holds 10 packs. A crate holds 10 cases. Some companies donated juice boxes to UNIS for the Walk A Thon. The information is below.

Company A- 1 crate, 14 cases, 3 packs, and 7 boxes.

Company B- 1 crate, 12 cases, 18 packs, and 2 boxes.

Company C- 1 crate, 13 cases, 5 packs, and 18 boxes.

Company D- 1 crate, 17 cases, 8 packs, and 9 boxes.

How many total juice boxes did each company donate?  List in order from the company who had the most juice boxes to the company with the smallest number of juice boxes.

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The Sugar Shake

This week in class:

We were working on the structure of a procedural text, breaking it down, what are the parts of a procedure and why and then coconstructing one after following a scientific experiment on erosion.

We also focused on the three rock types and how we can describe them. We also learned about weathering and erosion- hence the Sugar Shake (ask your child).

We had buddies and spent some time working on number puzzles, and rounding and estimating numbers.


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Back to School Night

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending the Back to School Night. For those of you who were not able to attend here is the slide show that was presented and also a link to a video explaining a little bit more about the way Math is taught in today’s current classroom.

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