4C: Market Service Day was a hit!

4C Families and Friends,
This is been a fantastic week, highlighted by Market Service Day on Tuesday. Your kids became true entrepreneurs, marketing products with a greater purpose in mind. The excitement of the market could be felt throughout the school. We’ve been doing some reflecting and the kids are very excited about the money raised and the difference they’ll be making in the Vietnamese community.
We’ve also begun to investigate multiplication through different models. Students are building multiplication arrays in order to understand how factors work and making connections to the area model for multiplying.
And, we spent some quality time with our buddies this week too!
Hopefully you’ve made your appointment for our conference next week. We will be welcoming you in to the classroom on Wednesday, January 22nd. Please bring your child to your conference as we will be reflecting on your report card, which will arrive to you electronically early next week.
Please take a moment to look over your child’s report together with your child, keeping in mind that learning is a process, not a race. Every child has strengths and areas of growth, and our purpose is to work as a team to support your child as a learner. We’ll treat our time together as a learning conversation.
With wishes for a restful weekend, looking forward to sitting down together next week!
Darren and Team
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