4C: Tuning Into Market Forces

4C Families and Friends,

We’ve had a busy week tuning into our latest Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works. We’ve used our knowledge of children’s rights to decide on interest groups and service opportunities leading up to Market Service Day. Your kids are excited and working beautifully in teams as they begin planning.

Market Service Day will take place on January 14th. This week your kids are learning about market forces such as supply, demand, and how costs and expenses influence price. Kids are creating surveys in order to assess demand and figure out which products will work best. All of this while keeping in mind their greater purpose – to raise funds for donation to local non-profits.

Early next week, each team will be submitting a business plan for approval and will begin creating products or refining services to offer on Market Service Day. Please be sure to check in with your child about his or her group’s progress, and look for ways to support your child as this important project moves forward.

We also tackled a compelling math problem, looking at market forces and pricing for selling sausages:

We’re grateful as ever for all your support as the weather cools off and break approaches!


Darren and Team

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