June 5th

Oh the end of the year is here….We visited grade 5 today for our Move Up Day, of course we still don’t know which class or who will be in our class but we know our teachers will do their best. Grade 5 looks to be quite a challenge, but one we are up for!


Next week is our final week and here is the plan:


Monday is a normal week B, the only difference is we will watch the Grade 5 students cross the bridge over to the Middle School (It’ll be us next year!) Tuesday is still normal but we have a leavers assembly via Zoom. Wednesday will be our last day with our class celebration taking place as well. We are hoping that you can send in a snack to share, students have also requested to watch a movie, have a dance party, and wear their pajamas! We will also get our yearbooks on Wednesday. The day ends at 12:00, and that is a wrap.


What a wild year it has been, but a great one, an interesting one.

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