Week 13 in 4B

Dear 4B Families,

We warmly invite you to our Elementary School Open Classrooms –  Tuesday 19th November.

What are Open Classrooms?

On the day, at selected times, our classrooms are open for you to observe lessons that put the philosophy and pedagogy of the Primary Years Programme into practice.

Purpose of Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms is for parents to get an insider’s view of what life is like inside the classrooms at UNIS.  By opening up our classroom doors we would like to give parents a glimpse of student-centered, constructivist teaching and learning in action. We aim to demonstrate our inquiry based teaching philosophy which is central to our identity as an IB school.

How does it work?

  • Classrooms across all subject areas in the ES will be designated as ‘open house’ events for certain lessons – 19th November, 2019.
  • A minimum of two lessons will be designated as ‘open’ in your child’s homeroom class
  • All specialist lessons will be designated as ‘open’
  • Parents may attend any of their child’s open lessons – both homeroom classes and specialist lessons.
  • Parents may only visit open lessons in classes that their child attends.
  • Please be aware that not all lessons are designated as ‘open’.  Be sure to check the schedule below

4B Schedule

The designated lessons for 4B are:

Guest Speakers

On Wednesday we had a guest speaker to discuss Child Rights with us. Her name was Ms Sharon and she works for Plan International here in Hanoi to help implement the United Nations Convention of Child Rights. Ms. Sharon mentioned that children’s rights could be put into 4 big idea groups.

1. Development rights 2. Protection rights 3. Survival rights 4. Participation rights

Here are some Reflections by the students.

I think Protection Rights are really important ones for us at UNIS. I think they are really important because at school you need to be protected and if a stranger goes into the school then the teachers and staff of the school will protect us. I also think this because if the students are searching on the internet for information and then a dangerous or inappropriate ad comes on, then the privacy from the schools technology will not allow it to happen EVER again.


I think SURVIVAL RIGHTS are really important ones for us in UNIS. I think they are really important because you need to live. People will die if they don’t have clean water and fresh food you will surely die.


I think protection rights are very important for us in UNIS. I think there are really important because if you don’t have protection you can be harmed and be in danger. Sometimes if you get harmed seriously it can cause bigger problems. You can even die!! That is why I think protection rights are really important in UNIS and other places.


I think PROTECTION RIGHTS are really important ones at UNIS. I think they are really important because no one deserves to be bullied no matter where they are from what they look like or what gender they are and it can affect them in different ways that aren’t healthy


Guest Speaker from UNICEF


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