It has been another busy week in Grade 3.

We delved more into “What makes a good writer?” and decided that one of the most important things is to be able to write quality pieces – that make sense, have detail, are interesting and use descriptive or technical words. The children also thought that good writers take their time, think about what they want to write before they start and then stay focussed for chunks of time.
In maths we had fun exploring a concept called the Hailstone Sequence. Pick any number as a starting point. If it is even then divide by 2. If it is odd then multiply by 3 and add 1. Repeat this process with each answer you get. The conjecture by mathematicians is that, whatever number you start with, you always reach 1. Give it a try!
In our Who We Are year-long unit of inquiry we have begun to think more deeply about how ‘global citizenship requires knowledge of other people’s lives’ and begun to compare our beliefs and values. Students will come home today with some research questions for over the weekend to find out more about their family values. If you can find 15 mins to discuss this with your family and fill in the sheet, we’d appreciate your assistance in supporting our inquiry.
Next week we begin our first full unit, How The World Works, which is an inquiry into simple machines, inventions, forces and the design cycle. There are a lot of fun and interesting things to try and we’re excited to get started!
A few requests and reminders:
  • We’d like to request you send in pair of headphones to aid the students’ independent inquiry on the Chromebooks- perhaps you have an old pair lying around at home that you no longer use, but if not, headphones are also sold at the UNIS shop.
  • Also a reminder to use a UNIS library bag to keep library books in good condition.
  • 3D have their individual photo session on Wednesday 9th Sept.
Have a great weekend!
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