2nd – 6th Dec.

This week in maths we began to explore the concept of multiplication. We started by listening to the story One Hundred Hungry Ants and modelling what was happening with the ways the ants were arranging themselves. This led us to the idea of an array, the importance of knowing rows from columns, and what exactly “x” means (groups of…, or rows of…). Please take a look at this folder to see some photos of students in action and key learning discovered: Arrays in Maths.

For those who are interested, here is a great video explaining the progression of how we try to teach the concept of multiplication.

In English, students are busy drafting and then publishing an Information Report on their chosen animal. As the use of plurals is very common in this text type, we have been looking at how words are made plural by the addition of “s” or “es” – and when to use each of these suffixes. Please ask your child why “s” might be added to one word to make it plural, but another word might have “es” added  e.g. chair+s, beach+es. Students also discovered what happens if a word ending  with “y” is made plural e.g. library. Please ask them!
Following on from the use of plurals, students learned that if the subject of the sentence is plural, then the verb with it, must also be plural. In other words, there needs to be subject-verb agreement. But how to know what the subject of the sentence is? Students learned that it’s easiest to first identify the VERB and then ask who or what is doing that action.

Students have also been self-assessing their readaloud skill. They are posting in their Seesaw.


ES Grades 1-3 Musical Friday 6th Dec. 6pm, Saturday 7th Dec. 3pm
Winter Service Fair, Thursday 12th December 5:30pm-7pm


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