Thank you

A huge “thank you” to everyone, from Ms. Ngan and I, for your response to Teacher Appreciation Day. We were overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. Especially touching were the notes and letters from our students. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Thank you also to all of those who were able to attend the Open Classroom Day. It was great to see so many of you. I hope it gave you some greater insight into your child’s life at UNIS.

If you attended the maths lesson during the Open Classroom Day, the children continued to work on creating a graph to show data. They gave each other feedback in the form of what they “noticed” (yellow post-it) and “wonderings” (pink post-it) that they had about their peers’ graph. On reflection, they came up with some criteria of what makes a good graph and why.

Later in the week, students worked in teams to learn more about animal adaptations. Lots of cool animals and interesting facts.

Today 3D went on a fabulous trip to visit the bear rescue sanctuary in Tam Dao. We saw so many bears and learned so much! Please ask your child about their visit.

Message from MSHS  Students:

Hello G2-G5 students and teachers,
My name is Chau Nguyen (Cc) and I am from the service group Bamboo Music School and this year, we are the people managing the stage for the Winter Service Fair on Thursday 12th December from 5-7pm – please flier and pictures for the event
Something that we would like to do this year that is different from the years before is that we would like to invite ES classes from G2 – 5 to perform on stage as a class. Please, if you are interested, please fill out the survey below with the instructions that have been placed below that.
Link to working form for Winter Fair Stage Performers applications
To fill out the form, you just need to fill it like how the survey has been set up but for the people performing, please write your class name. In the Group name section, just write N/A (unless your class wants to have a group name then sure). And that’s it. After this, we will be sending emails to see when your class is free so that either me or one of the other students in our group will come to see your class performance as an “Audition”. Anyways, see you soon.

Bamboo Music School


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